March 29, 2007 -- Able Newsflash No.60

Care News

Working Time Regulations and rest breaks
The DTI guidance said, "employers must make sure that workers can take their rest, but are not required to make sure that they do take their rest". However, this has now been changed to, "employers must make sure that workers can take their rest". The words after the comma in the previous guidance have now been removed.
(Source: The Voluntary Sector Legal Handbook, 2nd edition)

Suffolk County Council currently provides nearly 2000 hours per week in day care centres for elderly people in various locations around the County. A decision has been taken to seek a private sector partnership to organise these services. The transfer will take up to 15 months. Meanwhile the Council is proposing to abolish free day care and impose a charge of �15.00 per session. Transport to day centres is currently free but a proposal is to levy a charge of �1.50.

Home care charges are to be increased to a maximum of �60.00 per week from �45.00 maximum per week. In 2004 the maximum charge was �25.50.

Nottinghamshire County Council has increased home care charges from �7.00 per hour to �8.50 per hour.

Dorset County Council is moving towards the position where all long-term home care services will be provided by the independent sector.

Bedfordshire and Luton Mental Health and Social Care Partnership NHS Trust has been inspected by the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) and has been issued with orders to improve their standards or face possible prosecution.

CSCI inspected the 19 care homes and a home care agency run by the PCT and the inspections revealed key failings.

All inspection reports are on the CSCI website and if you wish to read further details please go to

In-House News

Reviews were carried out this week in Kent and London. Visits were made to existing clients in Hertfordshire.

A visit was made to a potential client in Worcestershire.

Individual carer training has taken place in Coventry.

Interviews were held last week for potential carers in Banbury. All carers who accept an interview have their appointment confirmed in writing. The day before telephone calls are made to confirm attendance. Despite this three potential carers failed to attend their interview, and one cancelled a few hours before her appointment.

Interesting Information

There are 166,000 pensioners in the County representing 20% of the population. This will rise to 22% in 2011. Norfolk County Council has 27 care homes but in the last two years the number of independent care homes has fallen from 330 to just 270.

In 2003 Scotland had an estimated 366,000 people over the age of 75 years. It is estimated in 2008 the figure will be 392,000.

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