March 22, 2007 -- Able Newsflash No.59

Care News

The Independent Living Fund (ILF) and the manner in which it operates have been reviewed. The Independent Living Fund was established in 1988 as a transitional arrangement to provide cash to support high dependency people living at home.

The review came to the conclusion that changes do need to be made but that the ILF will remain in its present form until at least 2009/10. Click here To read the seven page Executive Summary.

The General Social Care Council has issued and placed on record a five year warning for the serious misconduct of a social worker. The social worker from Northampton was found guilty for failing to declare a conviction for drink driving.

POVA List (Protection of Vulnerable Adults)
The POVA list is a record of people who have been banned from working with vulnerable adults because they are considered unsuitable. The Department of Health holds the list and currently there are 2,211 people on the list.

When a care provider takes on staff they apply for an Enhanced Disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau which includes the name of the potential staff member being checked against the current POVA list.

However, because Enhanced Disclosures can take anything up to many months, potential staff are not prepared to wait around for such lengths of time, as they need to earn money, so� a new service the Povafirst service was introduced.

The service enables care providers to check potential carers against this list in advance of a full Enhanced Disclosure and can allow a carer to begin work.

This service however, for which there is a �7.00 fee, was only meant to be used as an emergency service. However, many care providers are using it as a routine procedure in an effort to stabilise staff numbers and to retain interested applicants who otherwise are unable to work whilst they wait for their Enhanced Disclosure to come through.

For the period November 2004 to December 2006, the magazine Community Care reveals that the Povafirst service processed 441,992 applications.

This is a costly procedure for care providers and would not be necessary if a faster turnaround of the Enhanced Disclosure procedure was speeded up.

In-House News

New post has commenced in Devon. Elderly female with short term memory loss. Salary �536.00pw inc. Care Manager Ruth Divey

New post is commencing in East Sussex. Elderly lady, salary �558.00pw inc. Care Manager Ruth Divey.

New post has commenced in the Channel Islands. Male with Cerebral Palsy, salary �550.00 plus full travel expenses. Care Manager Ruth Divey

Reviews have taken place in Devon and Berkshire. Assessment visits have taken place in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Hertfordshire.

Carer interviews are being held in Banbury today.

Interesting Information

English Community Care Statistics:

1.75 million Clients received services during 2005/6.

37,000 adults received funding via Direct Payments.

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