March 08, 2007 -- Able Newsflash No.57

Care News

The Criminal Records Bureau has reaffirmed it's commitment to providing free-of-charge checks for volunteers. About 20% of all CRB checks are issued for volunteers and by not paying for the check last year this meant a saving of �22.8m for associations, etc.

However, the CRB is re-visiting the definition and guidance for a "volunteer" in order to see that only genuine volunteers do not pay the charge.

People who qualify for free nursing care, should have their health care bill picked up by the NHS. Age Concern estimate that approx. 75,000 people who should have their care bills paid for by the NHS are currently being forced to fund their own care.

The payments for the care are made by the Primary Care Trusts and the criteria for having your care paid for is the same throughout Trust areas. However, the reality is, depending on where you live, you may or may not get your care paid for.

Recent NHS Statistics show that in areas where the demand for care is similar, i.e. population over the age of 65, in North East Lincolnshire around one in every 17,000 people has a care home bill paid for by the NHS. However, in Lincolnshire South West, the rate is one in 600.

Rotherham NHS funds care home places to one adult in 20,000 whilst Doncaster Central Trust, pays the account for nearly one in every 1000 of their population.

As a result the Government is now proposing a to find a system that will have a national standard, rather than a local standard, where some of the current problems may lie, to ensure that fairness is achieved wherever a person may live.

Prescription charges in England will rise to �6.85 on April 1st 2007. In Wales, prescription charges were abolished a few weeks ago. Dental charges will also rise from the same date.

In-House News

Potential new clients have been visited in Devon, Norfolk and the Wirral.

A new post has commenced in Buckinghamshire for a male adult, age 42, with MS. Salary for his live-in carer is �641.00 inc. of travel and food. Care Manager Sam Clarke.

Reviews, risk assessments and routine visits took place in Hertfordshire, Berkshire and Norfolk.

Interesting Information

330 people in Harrow use the council home shopping service and 160 people use the washing/laundry service. The current cost for the shopping service is �136,000 and �130,000 per annum for the washing/laundry service. The service is provided for elderly and disabled people in the borough. Currently these services are in a consultation process as to whether they will continue or have to be axed because of Harrow Council's financial position. (Source Harrow Times)

�30m has been given by the Treasury to councils to train officers to enforce the smoking ban in bars, restaurants, etc.

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Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.