March 01, 2007 -- Able Newsflash No.56

Care News

The UK National Health Service Injury Costs Recovery Scheme allows the health service to claim back money for treating patients who have been awarded personal injury compensation. The Act allowing this to happen became law on January 29th 2007 (Replacing the Road Traffic Act Scheme).

The NHS will be able to reclaim money for people who have received personal injury compensation, for amongst other things, NHS care and the Act also allows for the collection of ambulance charges.

For further details you can visit the following DOH website:

A report Dementia UK launched on 27th February 2007 advises that currently there are approximately 700,000 dementia suffers in the UK. This will rise to 1 million within 20 years.

Dementia statistics are that 1 person in every 20 people over the age of 65 has dementia and 1 person in 5 people over the age of 80 years is suffering.

Current thinking is that the statutory services are not coping with the current problems associated with dementia and will need to seriously plan for the future to ensure appropriate service provision is in place to care.

In-House News

A new post has been visited in East Sussex, Devon and Cheshire,

Reviews have taken place in London, Kent* and Hertfordshire.
* This review took place in the home of a client we have been providing continuous care for since 1996.

A new computer system is being installed and in-house staff training has been taking place.

Judy Tye (Office Manager) has attended an "Induction to Care Standards Course".

A new post has commenced in Suffolk. Elderly gentleman requiring stroke after care. Sal. �536.00 pw inc. Care Manager Jackie Maasz.

Interesting Information

CRB checks
Were you aware that it is possible to "track" a CRB to see how it is progressing through the CRB system? This is particularly useful if a CRB is taking some while to come back (we currently have one that has been in the system for 21 weeks). With the new system you can track online the application from receipt to issue. The service is currently free and the information you need to track is:
  • application form reference number
  • and the applicants date of birth.
    The site to go to is:

    CSCI in England inspect agencies where staff are employed and introductory agencies whereby staff are usually self employed. Reports on the companies are then written and placed on CSCI website. It is possible to find reports on the CSCI website of Introductory agencies who interview prospective staff by telephone, do not carry out assessment visits, do not require care plans or carry out risk assessments or training and offer no public liability insurance. Under the CSCI legislation this is acceptable.

    Able Community Care is an introductory agency combined with an operation where we employ our carers for particular specifications. We carry out a free assessment, free risk assessment, provide public liability insurance, access to training and interview all prospective carers face to face throughout the UK.

    Northamptonshire County Council purchases 988,000 hours of care per year from the independent sector.

    From 2007 there are more pensioners than children in the UK.

    We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

    Best Wishes,
    Angela Gifford, Proprietor
    Able Community Care.