February 08, 2007 -- Able Newsflash No.53

Care News

NHS Continuing Care is care that is fully funded by Health. It means that a person requires continuing care because of their very poor health and if not cared for at home would be in a hospital bed.

It is estimated by Age Concern that there are approx. 25,000 receiving fully funded care but estimate that there may be up to 100,000 people who may be eligible. There has been examples in the press recently with reference to people who have disagreed with a decision turning down funding for a particular person and have challenged the decision in the courts and have won.

"Practical Bathing" is situated in Egham in Surrey and are selling an Independence Shower which can be installed in any room of a house or building, not just an existing bathroom.

"The shower has a self supporting chassis, does not rely on wall fixings, no need for tiling, wide choice of enclosures, seat and arm removed in seconds and it has simple above floor plumbing."
Taken from Practical Bathing's information leaflet

The price is approx. �4500/5000.

For further details visit their website www.practicalbathing.co.uk or telephone 01784 472934

In-House News

A new post has been visited in Kent and a Client Review has taken place in Buckinghamshire.

Three new care posts have started in:

Interesting Information

Recent agency job advertisement for a live-in carer for a person with MS in the Home Counties: post length 3 months, ideal for carer to have previous experience, valid drivers licence and speak fluent English, additional care help available. �385.00 pw.

Full charge for home care in Swansea is �8.00 per hour for people assessed as being able to pay but no person is requested to pay more than �160.00 pw regardless of how many hours of home care they may receive. (Swansea Council website)

In Nottingham City, the full charge for home care for people being assessed as being able to pay is �7.00ph up to a maximum of �55.00 pw regardless of the number of hours.

Nottingham City provides "in house" teams to about 500 households across the City with a further 1500 households having care from independent providers the City Council has purchased care from. (Source Nottingham City Council website)

It is possible that both Swansea and Nottingham City Council cost of home care figures, along with those relevant to other Councils, will change in April this year.

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Able Community Care.