November 06, 2014 -- Able Newsflash No.448

Care News

An urgent review of funding mechanisms is needed to ensure councils can recruit quality social workers, local authority chiefs have warned.

Almost three quarters of councils are thought to be struggling to recruit and retain enough social workers, despite £65m being spent each year by central government to encourage people to enter the profession.

The Local Government Association (LGA) called for social work to be put 'on a par' with other health and care professions with greater backing to support career development opportunities.

Some 60% of children's services departments are reporting rising recruitment challenges, alongside a 50% rise in the number of referrals to children's social services.

The LGA has just launched a new support pack to help councils recruit and retain social workers, which includes best practice examples on important staff requirements.

The number of adult cancer nurses has reached a new high with over 3000 posts in the NHS. In the last three years 283 nurses extra nurses have begun working in hospitals.

In 2012, there were 1550 new cases of skin disease reported to dermatologists, of which three quarters were suffering from contact dermatitis. The total number of cases has dropped by a third in the last ten years. Hairdressers/barbers and florists are the occupations with the highest rates of contact dermatitis.


Question of the Week

"I would like to look at my health records how do I do this and is there a cost?"

Answer : Any request for access to health records must be made in writing or electronically to the data controller, i.e. the applicants local GP for GP records or the Records Manager at the hospital for hospital records. (NHS bodies may wish to use a standard form for this purpose).

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 (Fees and Miscellaneous Provisions) Regulations 2001 the maximum fee that can be charged for providing copies of health records is £10 for computer records and £50 for copies of manual records or a mixture of manual and computer records. Charges are for copying and posting the records only and should not result in a profit for the record holder. Some types of records, such as x-rays, may be expensive to copy.

(Source: DOH)

Autumn Tip of the Week

A big print desk diary 2015 for people with reduced sight can be purchased from the RNIB for £8.22 inc VAT or £6.85 ex VAT

Pay the right price by logging in or registering before adding this product to your basket as blind and partially sighted customers will not pay VAT on this product.

Link to the diary:

In-House News

Three prospective clients were visited for assessment; two in Wales and one in Surrey.

Two new Carers were successful in their interviews; one in Wales and one in Norwich.

We commenced care for one new client in Cornwall; the wage is £600 per week inc. and the Care Manager is Colin.

Interesting Information/Statistics

From the magazine Better Health, November 1965 (price 9d) the following advice is given re. domestic medicine cabinets:

"Do not fit a mirror to the cabinet in order to discourage its use for cosmetics and ordinary toilet items. A sloping top will prevent bottles and containers being left on the cabinet to guard against the curiosity of children and the carelessness of adults."

The UK has more than 850,000 reported cases of people experiencing food poisoning a year

(Source: FSA)

Client Profile of the Week

Clarisa was born in 1931 and earlier this year had a stroke the effects of which, in conjunction with dementia meant that care 24/7 was required. Having a close family and friends near by the decision was made to try a live-in care package. Since the care package started several of Clarisa’s live-in Carers have returned to her and a rota is being established.

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