October 30, 2014 -- Able Newsflash No.447

Care News

A ship becomes a community hub - For villagers in rural Kenya, seeing the hull of a 150-tonne ship being hauled along dusty African roads was not an everyday sight. The unusual three-week road trip was the final stage in a 246-day journey which has seen a former Royal Navy tender travel 8,585 miles by sea and land from Scotland to Lake Victoria, Tanzania, where it will serve more than 400,000 people in 150 isolated and impoverished island communities as a medical ship.

The Jubilee Hope, fitted out on the Clyde by BAE Systems, has a full dental surgery, operating theatre, two consulting areas, an eye surgery and a laboratory. It will host life-changing cataract operations, offer a dentistry service and provide help for difficult labours and a range of other healthcare needs.

(Source: Guardian Online)

Nearly a million elderly men in the UK are living in isolation and the number is set to soar, a charity warned yesterday. Older men are far less likely than women to have contact with the outside world and many speak to their children less than once a month, a study for Independent Age found. The number of lonely men will rise by more than half to 1.5 million by 2030.

The prevalence of diabetes in the UK, per head of population, is as follows:

(Source: Diabetes UK)

Question of the Week

"Do you know where a person can sell second hand disability equipment?"

Answer : There are several websites which have a second-hand ‘store’ and which also offer the opportunity to let or sale property suitable for a person with a disability.

Disability Now offers help with:
Property for sale or to let: Cost £100 plus VAT
Cars: Cost £50 plus VAT
Wheelchairs and scooters: Cost £30 plus VAT
Household goods: Cost £20 plus VAT

The Disability Equipment Register is a not-for-profit organisation that enables disabled people and their families to buy and sell used disability equipment one-to-one.

Disabled Gear sells your unused and unwanted mobility aids and disability equipment. Users sell second-hand wheelchairs, scooters, standing frames, hand bikes, mobility and handling equipment, adapted cars and vans.

Autumn Tip of the Week

Wet paths and pavements are hazards for people with poor mobility problems, especially when pushing a heavy bin outside for collection. If you have difficulty putting your refuse bin out, contact your local council and ask them to collect it from your garden, patio, etc.

In-House News

An assessment visit took place in Cambridge.

One potential Live-in Care Worker has been interviewed.

Interesting Information/Statistics

William Harvey discovered that blood circulates through the body and names the heart as the organ responsible for pumping the blood. His groundbreaking work, "Anatomical Essay on the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals", published in 1628, lays the groundwork for modern physiology.

Frederick Banting and his colleagues discovered the hormone insulin in the 1920s, which helps balance blood sugar levels in diabetes patients and allows them to live normal lives. Before insulin, diabetes meant a slow and certain death.

Client Profile of the Week

Theresa was born in 1944 and in 2007 suffered a severe stroke. In 2008 a live-in care package was designed for Theresa and her husband enabling Theresa’s husband to care for her with support.

A regular rotational system of live-in care workers is in place with one of the carers having first been introduced into Theresa’s and her husband’s home in 2008.

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