October 23, 2014 -- Able Newsflash No.446

Care News

Have you made a will?

November is Will Aid month when you can use a local solicitor who has signed up to the Will Aid scheme. Instead of paying the solicitors fee you are invited to make a donation to charity. To find participating solicitors in your area visit: www.willaid.org.uk

1 in 5 people turned away from polling station, Mencap finds.

Nearly one in five people with a learning disability say they were turned away at the polling station in the recent local elections, according to a new survey. The survey, conducted by Mencap, reveals that many people with a learning disability are being excluded from the voting process. Of those surveyed, 17% said they were turned away from the polling station because of their disability, with 60% also saying registering to vote was too hard. To read more visit: www.mencap.org.uk

Basic First Aid Apps are now available to download to your Ipad, AndroidTM, BlackBerry® and iPhone® mobile device users from both The British Red Cross and St. John's Ambulance Brigade. Visit either of their websites for further details.

Question of the Week

"When I visit my local supermarkets, usually accompanied, I see they have recipe cards which often look of interest. However, I have impaired sight and wondered if any of the supermarkets have them in large print? This also applies to cooking instructions on packers, etc."

Answer : All I could find relevant to your question is from Sainsbury’s which is:

"We're happy to help with large versions of our cooking instructions. Most of our products have cooking instructions as part of their description on our website. Just follow the link then search for the product. Most modern PCs have a function that allows the user to enlarge the text on-screen. Try holding down the Ctrl key and rolling the wheel on your mouse. Alternatively, Contact Us and we can read them to you, or arrange for them to be printed and posted."

Autumn Tip of the Week

This week from the organisation youreable.com re. mobility scooters.
  1. If your Scooter needs an annual service it may be worth considering having this before the winter months start, so that you know your Scooter is ready to brave the elements.

  2. Clean your Mobility Scooter after use to remove any mud etc, and dry it as much as possible as this will delay rust, and keep your Scooter looking great.

  3. Tyres – check them for signs of wear before the winter sets and replace if necessary. With pneumatic tyres make sure they have the correct pressure in to give you added grip in slippy conditions.

  4. If your Mobility Scooter is stored outside a Scooter cover to keep off the weather is advisable as this will protect it from the worst of the weather.

  5. Leave your batteries charging until the last possible moment before you leave the house. Cold conditions reduce your range significantly, so heading out with warm batteries will help.

  6. Fabric seats will need protecting from rain & frost so a seat cover will help.

  7. Don’t store your batteries in extreme conditions, even if your Scooter is outside if you can bring your battery inside this will improve its performance and extend its lifetime.

  8. Protect your control panel from rain, and snow with a protective cover. It is important these components don’t get wet.

  9. If you are not going to be using your Scooter in winter ensure it is stored in a clean dry place, and that you keep the batteries charged as per your user manual.

  10. Finally, don’t forget to look after yourself too – invest in some thermals to keep out the cold, a raincoat or cape to keep off the rain, and some high-visibility clothing for the darker days & nights, so that you can be seen.
From www.youreable.com

In-House News

Two MH training sessions have taken place this week.

Staff appraisals have taken place.

Review/monitoring visits have taken place in Norfolk, Greater Manchester and Suffolk.

Three potential Live-in Care Workers have been interviewed.

Free presentations entitled "Community Care 1601-2014" have been given to two local organisations this week.

Interesting Information/Statistics

Client Profile of the Week

Brian suffered a debilitating stroke in 2007 and in 2008 decided to try a Live-in Care Worker package. Brian needs total care, personal, domestic and social. His care package is supported by Social Services and he has two regular rotating Live-in Care Workers both of whom have been with Brian for several years.

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