September 18, 2014 -- Able Newsflash No.442

Care News

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Have you ever worried about finding an accessible toilet when you are away from home?

Two companies have produced Apps aimed at helping to alleviate this problem. Both Apps are available from the App Store - Wheelmate for free and the Accessible Toilet App at a cost of £2.99. WheelMate is also available as a smartphone app.

The Accessible Toilet Guide App will help you find the nearest toilet to your current location or to where you wish to travel. It will also provide instant directions by foot, road, or train:

WheelMate, recently launched by Coloplast lets wheelchair users around the world locate wheelchair-accessible toilets and parking spaces and add them to the App. All locations are added and verified by fellow wheelchair users to ensure the information stays up-to-date:

Quote from the Social Care Workforce Blog posted in June 2014: "3,000 care homes with no qualified registered managers."

Almost 90% of councils in England no longer offer social care to people whose needs are ranked low to moderate, the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (Adass) has said.

The group is warning cuts are making the care system "unsustainable".

The government says councils have been given an extra £1.1bn to help protect social care this year.

But charities say hundreds of thousands of people are struggling without help.

When someone applies for social care, their needs are determined as either critical, substantial, moderate or low.

In recent years the number of councils able to help those at the lower end of the scale has gone down as they struggle to balance their budgets.

In 2010-11, Adass says 72% of councils in England only offered help with care to adults with substantial or critical needs. The association says that figure has now risen to 89%.

(Source: BBC News, 14th September 2014)

Question of the Week

"If I have an NHS Wheelchair, will they carry out maintenance on it?"

Answer : If you have a wheelchair provided by the NHS (or via the NHS Voucher Scheme) you can agree to the maintenance of that chair by the NHS. However, when you no longer have a need for the wheelchair, you would then return it to the NHS. If you opt for private maintenance, this allows you to keep the chair permanently.

Autumn Tip of the Week

If you are planning your garden choose evergreen trees which will negate the need for having to rake up leaves each autumn.

This tip comes from

In-House News

Prospective clients were visited in Suffolk, Lancashire and Surrey.

Care reviews were carried out in Devon, Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

A new post has commenced in The Channel Islands for an older couple requiring joint care. Care Manager is Sam.

We are holding an open day for prospective live-in care workers to meet with the Able team. The open day is the first one we have organised to date and will be held near Norwich. For further details please call the office on 01603 764567.

Christmas forms for working over the festive period have gone out. If you have not returned your form, please try to get it back to us by October 1st.

Interesting Information/Statistics

In 1928 the world's first self-adhesive dressing; Elastoplast was launched. It was manufactured in Kingston upon Hull.

Nerve impulses to and from the brain travel as fast as 170 miles per hour.

Client Profile of the Week

Brian experienced a severe stroke as a young adult which left him with high dependency care needs. In order to remain in his home in 2008 a live-in care package was required. To aid the care package an outside care agency comes in to allow our care worker to have a break and Brian attends a day centre twice a week.

Brian’s second live-in care worker introduced in 2008 is one of his regular care workers and the second, regular worker was introduced to Brian in 2011.

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