September 04, 2014 -- Able Newsflash No.440

Care News

If you have repeat medication prescriptions, life just became easier.

EPS, the Electronic Prescription Service offered by the NHS will enable you to get your repeat prescription sent to a place where the prescription can be sent electronically. This could be your local chemist or the dispensary in your GP practice.

This service will mean that you do not have to go to the surgery to pick up your prescription, will probably spend less time waiting for your prescription to be made up and you can nominate where you want the prescription sent to.

Further information can be found by visiting:

"Care homes must furnish resident's rooms with their own curtains, bedspreads and furniture in an effort to 'civilise' institutions which can be 'austere and alien'", the Care Minister has said.

Norman Lamb warned that many care home residents, particularly those suffering from dementia, can be left feeling confused and unhappy if they are 'plunged into' a completely different environment.

He told The Telegraph that under a 'robust' new inspection regime, which comes into force next April, care homes will be assessed by the Care Quality Commission on whether they are creating a "real sense of an individual's home".

Campaigners warned that too many care homes have small rooms with low ceilings and staff fail to get to know their patients beyond ensuring that they follow a set 'regime'. Mr Lamb said, "The whole focus needs to be on personalising care as much as possible."

(Source: The Telegraph)

From October, 25,000 homes and home-care providers will be subject to a new inspection regime which will rate them. The worst homes can be put on special measures, giving them a limited time to improve or close.

Care home managers have fought back against a minister’s claims that they offer “austere and alien” rooms for their residents, saying that he is out of touch.

The Registered Nursing Home Association said that the great majority of homes invited residents to make their room feel like home and made every effort to accommodate cherished belongings.

(Source: The Times)

Sainsburys announcement re. their product: Sainsburys Freefrom pure oat muesli 500gm. (Best Before End 17/12/2014)

"It has been brought to our attention that a limited number of packets of the above product may contain almonds and hazelnuts which are not declared on the packaging.

As a precautionary measure, we are asking all customers who have bought this product to return it to their nearest Sainsburys store, where they will receive a full refund.

No other products or date codes are affected by this issue, and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause."

(Date 21st August 2014)

Question of the Week

"I read that last year between 30 and 40% of electric blankets tested under the free testing were declared unsafe. Will there be free tests again this year?"

Answer : Yes, but dates when these are being carried out may differ depending on where you live. Contact your local Age UK or local Council who will be able to advise you when you can have your blanket tested and many will also advise you about drop off points to make it easier.

Autumn Tip of the Week

Flu vaccine is available from Autumn onwards. There are two different kinds of flu vaccine which protect against common strains of seasonal flu:
  1. The inactivated flu vaccine is recommended for everyone aged 65 or over, pregnant women, people with certain medical conditions, people living in a residential or nursing home, carers of people at risk of complications of the flu, and healthcare professionals.
  2. The nasal flu vaccine will be offered annually to all children over 2 who are at risk from complications of flu.

In-House News

A potential client has been visited in Norfolk and new posts have commenced in: MH training has been given to two carers in situ.

Monitoring visits have taken place in Hertfordshire.

Interesting Information/Statistics

The average American eats at McDonalds more than 1,800 times in his/her life.

The number one cause of blindness in the United States is diabetes.

Client Profile of the Week

Frances is in her 80’s, physically frail but likes to be as independent as possible. Frances is a lady who likes and wishes to continue to have, a structured day of her choice.

Some years back we provided a live-in care package to another member of her family. One of these known and liked, live-in care workers begins to care for Frances this week.

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