August 28, 2014 -- Able Newsflash No.439

Care News

The University of Bath is seeking volunteers to help disabled people get more active. Their centre for Disability Sport and Health (DASH) is looking to recruit 24 men and women from around the UK who are affected by spinal injury who would come to Bath to take part in the study. Participants must be between the ages of 18-65.

To find out more, email Tom Nightingale at: and visit their web site at:

The British Heart Foundation says one person has a heart attack every three minutes. The BHF advise that they now know that there are 50,000 more heart attacks happening across the UK than previously thought.

Symptoms of a heart attack vary from person to person. Tightness, heaviness or a pain in your chest which may spread to your arms, neck, jaw, back or stomach. The severity may go from uncomfortable to severe. An experience of feeling light headed, dizzy or short of breathe may also be felt and feeling or being sick can also occur.

The first thing to do if a heart attack is suspected is to dial 999 and ask for an ambulance immediately. Then sit and wait for the ambulance to arrive, do not do anything else.

Further helpful information can be found at:

Thousands facing cuts to disability benefits - More than 100,000 people in Scotland are facing cuts to their disability benefits by 2018, a new report is warning.

The report by the Scottish Government found that changes to the Disability Living Allowance by Whitehall will mean nearly 50,000 disabled people who receive the enhanced rate mobility payment will lose between £1,820 and £2,964 annually. Those who can walk aided or unaided more than 20 metres will also stop receiving the enhanced weekly mobility allowance.

The report found that the introduction of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) will reduce the disability benefit expenditure in Scotland by around £310m per annum by 2017-18.

(Source: LocGov)

Question of the Week

"What is the difference between an NHS prescription and a private prescription and how much does a private prescription cost?"

Answer : A private prescription is one that is written by doctors in private practice or by NHS doctors but for medication which will not be paid for by the NHS. An example of possible private prescriptions might be for travel medication or hair loss.

Not all GP’s charge for issuing a private prescription but most do and the fee is around £15-20. In a private clinic the cost starts at around £50.

Summer Tip of the Week

Disabled and planning a late summer holiday and would like to consider camping? If so, visit and find out the disabled facilities which are available on each camp site.

In-House News

Seven new live-in care posts have commenced this week in: Norfolk 2, Devon 2, Derbyshire, Suffolk and Sussex.

Last Friday an office ‘foodfest’ was held to raise funds for Spinal Injury Research.

The number of readers of this Newsflash continues to grow, seven new readers joined this week.

Last weekend, The Bank Holiday weekend, all our clients received full cover.

Interesting Information/Statistics

There are over 200 drivers in the UK over one hundred years of age.

Walking Sticks Online have over 600 walking sticks to choose from. Trendy ones, umbrella ones, traditional ones, the choice is great!

Client Profile of the Week

Diana is in her 90’s and in January 13 requested a live-in care package to enable her to remain in her own home. 18 months ago, support and assistance was all that was required. However, in the last few months Diana has become frail and her dependency care needs have increased. Her care plan has therefore changed and more personal care and full domestic care is now required. Diana’s first carer in January 2013 continues to work with Diana on a rotational basis.

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