August 14, 2014 -- Able Newsflash No.437

Care News

The Premier League is to introduce new rules on how to deal with head injuries from the start of the 2014/15 season.

A player suffering a head injury must now leave the pitch and the club doctor must decide if a player is capable of continuing, not the team management.

Home teams also have to have a third "tunnel" doctor on match-days.

New concussion measures at a glance:

(Source: BBC News)

Employing disabled people and people with health conditions
The Department of Work and Pensions updated its Guidance last month. To download the updated version, visit:

The number of prisoners over the age of 60 in jail in England and Wales has nearly doubled over the past decade to 3,577, according to the latest Ministry of Justice figures.

Prisoners over 60 are the fastest growing age group in the prison population. Official figures also show that as of 31 March this year there were 102 inmates over 80 serving sentences, including five over 90. The Prison Reform Trust said recent research showed that older prisoners have a physiological age about 10 years older than their chronological age and that the psychological strains of prison life further accelerate the ageing process.

(Source: The Guardian)

Question of the Week

"I recently had some work done on my home to help me as I have a disability. When I asked the tradesman if I had to pay the Vat as I was only having the work done because of my disability, he asked me if I had a form to give him. He did not seem to know much about ‘the form’ so can you tell me where I can obtain one or two for future use?"

Answer : The form you need is the ‘Eligibility Declaration by a Disabled Person’ form. This can be downloaded from the following HMRC page (link shortened): and the form is at Section 10.1

Summer Tip of the Week

When out in your garden, ensure that windows and doors to the front of the house are secure. It only takes a second for someone to get into your home and take things without you noticing and do not leave valuables on display in front of windows or in reach of open windows or doors.

In-House News

Able Community Care is now an Approved Provider in the Island of Jersey.

Our new bi-monthly Gazette has been published and has been sent to our clients and carers. In addition many are sent out to other people and groups which have requested them. The latest edition has resulted in a thank you from an Elderly Care Centre in London who said they found them interesting and informative.

In the past three weeks, 87 Live-in Carer application packs have been sent out. To date one live-in care worker has gone onto the Register and three interviews have been held.

Due to an increase in work available, we are looking for additional live-in care workers. If you know of any person who would be interested please ask them to ring Sue on 01603 281926. Minimum qualification is one year’s provable experience.

Interesting Information/Statistics

Diabetic socks are beneficial for people with diabetes. They are designed without seams so that the chance of blisters is reduced. When looking for appropriate socks check for: non elasticised tops and a comfortable fit. Wool, Cotton or acrylic fibres will keep the feet dry and warm. Socks can be purchased from many companies which can be found by Googling 'diabetic socks'.

Client Profile of the Week

Kay is in her 80’s and though frail, lives alone and values her independence. Occasionally she would like some help with her domestic work and in August 2013 Able Community Care was approached to see if we could provide a weeks respite as and when Kay felt she would like it.

To date we have provided respite care for Kate on three occasions.

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