July 17, 2014 -- Able Newsflash No.433

Care News

"Don't use Wikipedia for medical advice", warns The Independent after a survey found factual errors in 9 out of 10 articles about the 10 most common medical conditions.

This story is based on a study that assessed the information in Wikipedia articles on 10 common conditions, including depression, back pain and high blood pressure.

Two researchers compared the information in each article against the peer-reviewed published literature to see if they agreed. They found that there was information that did not agree with the peer-reviewed sources in nine of the articles.

(Source: NHS Choices web site)

There are 11 million disabled people in the UK. That's nearly one in five adults who have serious difficulties getting around, experience long-lasting pain, or who struggle to communicate unaided.

(Source: Scope - The Office for Disability Issues (ODI))

New guides will help keep children safe from sexual abuse Mencap has teamed up with the NSPCC to launch two new resources that will raise awareness about the risk of sexual abuse occurring towards children with a learning disability.

The two easy read resources are a new part of NSPCC’s Underwear Rule campaign. The guides, which have been co-produced by Mencap and the NSPCC, are called 'PANTS'.

One guide is for parents or carers with a learning disability, and the other guide is for children with a learning disability. PANTS stands for:

PANTS is designed to be an easy way for parents to have a conversation with their child about the underwear rule.

Studies have shown (including Sullivan and Knutson in 2000) that children with a disability are three times more vulnerable to sexual abuse. Mencap and the NSPCC want to encourage parents to talk to their children to help keep them safe.

(Source: Mencap website)

Question of the Week

"I no longer wish for the local council to arrange my care for me and I would like to hire my own personal assistant. How can I get training for someone I may take on and what guidance can I get as a potential employer."

Answer : Skills for Care has a range of resources to help make the process understandable and they will support you to become an employer and to assist you in supporting your personal assistant. They have learning and development courses which you can enrol on and may be able to help with funding. For further details visit their web site at: goo.gl/rCx29M (long link shortened).

Summer Tip of the Week

When washing fruit and vegetables never use washing up liquid or other household products to wash them or remove the dirt. You may not completely remove the product from the fruit or vegetables and they could do you harm.

In-House News

Potential clients were visited in Cornwall, Norfolk and Dorset.

Our Registered Manager attended a meeting with other Registered Managers in Norfolk.

A Norfolk monitoring visit took place.

Potential live-in care workers interviewed in Norfolk and Cornwall and three new live-in care workers have been placed on the Register.

A new live-in care package has commenced for an older lady requiring after stroke support. Care Manager is Jackie.

Interesting Information/Statistics

Guide Dogs for the Blind have over 4,700 dogs helping their owners to remain as independent as possible. In addition to acting as a guide to blind people they are able to carry out a range of tasks, for example, fetching washing out of a washing machine for an owner unable to do so.

There are also medical Detection Dogs, around 50 in number that detect sugar level fluctuations in people with diabetes.

Client Profile of the Week

Kelly, in her late 70’s was in a care home as a result of advancing dementia. However, Kelly wanted to return to her family home and in 2012 her advocate and Kelly choose to trial a return home with a live-in care package.

The package is successful and Kelly has two regular live-in care workers who were introduced to her in 2013.

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