June 19, 2014 -- Able Newsflash No.429

Care News

The Independent Living Fund is set to close in June 2015 and the responsibility for funding to move to an individual's Social Services Department.

Currently the ILF supports approx 18,000 people who have high dependency care needs and the worry with reference to the transfer of funding is that the funding will not be ring fenced.

The worry as a result, is that if funding is reduced in the future the choice for people to remain living in their own home or to study may be reduced or withdrawn.

Three disabled people in receipt of the ILF have launched a further bid (there was one in 2013) for a judicial review of the decision to close the Fund on the basis that the DWP's decision was unlawful.

Funeral costs are on the rise. Since 2004 the cost of a funeral has gone up by 80%. The average cost of a basic funeral in 2013 was £3,914.00. The average cost of a cremation is lower at £2,998.00

When adding other discretionary costs, such as a headstone and flowers, the basic cost of a funeral goes up to an average of £7,622, which is an increase of 7.1% on 2012. There is also a difference in the cost dependent in which area of the country you wish to be buried. The highest cost is in London where the average is £9,556 and the lowest is in Wales where the average cost is £6,096.

(Source: Which 2013)

More than 12 million GP appointments each year are missed at a cost of more than £162million. In addition 6.9 million outpatient appointments at hospitals in the UK are missed at an average cost of £108.00 per missed appointment.

Derbyshire has to reduce its adult care budget by £60m but campaigners say the cuts to adult care is disproportionate. As a result a protest is being arranged by a Derbyshire group called Disabled People Against Cuts.

Question of the Week

"My Aunt, who has been getting a little confused at times, has been diagnosed with the start of dementia. I visit her one a month, I am the only relative in the County, and I would like to get her some equipment that will help her stay as independent as possible in her home. Where can I get information about aids that might help her?"

Answer : "Getting Equipped to Tackle Forgetfulness" is the title of a free booklet produced by AT Dementia. You can download a copy from their website here: www.atdementia.org.uk/newsStory.asp?page_id=296. Their web site has further information especially around assistive technology which helps people with dementia to live more independently.

Spring Tip of the Week

If you want to complain about a service, goods, etc. but do not feel confident about making a written complaint, visit the CAB website where you can find a range of letters which you can copy and send off. You can find the CAB sample letters for England here: http://goo.gl/WTMpAj (long link shortened). You can change your location to Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland for the relevant sample letters for your region.

If you have any further questions you would like to receive guidance on, you can also simply send your questions to Able using this contact form: www./general-enquiry-form.html.

In-House News

Potential clients were visited in Suffolk and Surrey.

A new post has commenced in Suffolk for an older lady requiring support. Care Manager is Jackie, weekly wage is £545.00 inc.

New live-in care workers are needed. Please call us on 01603 764567 and ask to speak to Sue in Recruitment for further information.

Interesting Information/Statistics

Client Profile of the Week

Una and Thomas are in their 90’s. Una has Alzheimer’s disease and Thomas poor sight, but was Una’s carer. Twelve months ago it was decided that they needed help to remain living in their own home. Their supportive family, who live some distance away, agreed. A live-in care package commenced and now there are two regular live-in care workers enabling Una and Thomas to exercise their choice to maintain their independence in their home of choice.

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