June 12, 2014 -- Able Newsflash No.428

Care News

Information revealed by the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) show that over a quarter of a million people who have applied for a PIP (Personal Independence Payment) are still waiting for their claim to be dealt with.

Under changes to the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) announced in April, fewer students are likely to receive laptops for help with dyslexia, while the additional costs of specialist accommodation for disabled students will not be met by the grant, except in exceptional circumstances.

In a written ministerial statement in April, universities and science minister David Willetts said he wanted the "limited public funding available for DSAs... targeted in the best way and to achieve value for money".

The government will only pay "for higher specification or higher cost computers where a student needs one solely by virtue of their disability", Mr Willetts said.

The government is also "changing our approach to the funding of a number of computer equipment, software and consumable items through DSAs that have become funded as ‘standard’ to most students", he added.

The NUS has said it will hold a national lobby of MPs in their constituencies to raise the issue of cuts to grants received by about 55,000 students.

(Source: Times Education)

The standard of care delivered by home carers in Scotland has seen an overall improvement, says a new report.

The Care Inspectorate report looked at the results of three years of inspections of "home helps" and other homecare services.

It says 80% of these were found to be of a good standard, and an increasing proportion got top marks.

However, the body warned that the number of services judged to be performing badly has nearly doubled.

The report also found that the highest standard of care was more likely to be delivered by voluntary services, while those provided by the private sector were most likely to be poor, and to have complaints about them upheld.

Common problems included insufficient training for staff, poor care plans, erratic visiting times and under-staffing.

Some services did not ask for up-to-date references or carry out proper checks on applicants' backgrounds.

(Source: BBC News)

Question of the Week

"My Father died last year and my Mother still receives junk mail addressed to him. Receiving letters addressed to him, upsets her. How can we stop this junk mail coming please?"

Answer : The Bereavement Register could help you by eliminating or at least reducing the amount of direct mail sent.

If you register with the Bereavement Register, the name and address of the deceased is removed from mailing lists and this can take as little as six weeks. The website for the Bereavement Register is;

Spring Tip of the Week

In very hot weather you may wish to lay down with a cool pillow, may wish to have a cool cushion to place in your wheelchair for comfort, these type of pillows and cushions are available to purchase.

Search for them using Google and several web sites will come up, including Amazon.

In-House News

Prospective clients were visited in Lancashire, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk this week.

Monitoring visits took place in Greater Manchester, London and South Wales

Six potential Live-in Care Workers were interviewed.

New posts have commenced in:

Interesting Information/Statistics

During the American Civil War, glasses with coloured lenses were used to treat disorders and illnesses. Yellow-trimmed glasses were used to treat syphilis, blue for insanity, and pink for depression. Thus we get the term, "to see the world through rose-coloured glasses".

Over a lifetime, the average person walks about 115,000 miles—equivalent to walking around the world four times.

Client Profile of the Week

In 2012 Able Community Care was approached by a family whose Mother needed care due to Parkinson's Disease. They had their own employed live-in care worker but wanted to know if we could provide holiday cover. Since this approach we have provided live-in holiday cover six times, the same care worker from Able Community Care has covered all six postings.

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