April 24, 2014 -- Able Newsflash No.421

Care News

The following has been taken from Community Care, edition of 14th April. www.communitycare.co.uk

The ‘spare room subsidy’ or ‘bedroom tax’ has left tenants struggling to cope and has failed to free up homes in many areas, research for the independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) has found. It also discovered that savings to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will fall short in the policy’s first year.

Over 100,000 people are trapped in larger homes and are subject to the cut despite wanting to move, while six per cent have moved to avoid paying.

Further information can be found at:www.jrf.org.uk

For Drivers who are deaf - Car breakdown on highway? Get help!

Texting on your mobile is one choice but what if there is no signal, or another problem?

Now deaf people can use the Emergency Roadside Telephones operated by the Highways Agency. The operator will text you and you can answer Yes or No to communicate with them.

See more at: www.royaldeaf.org

Question of the Week

"I am disabled and thinking about flying to visit a friend in Europe. Will the equipment I need to get around with me be counted in my luggage allowance and what happens to my wheelchair as I understand I cannot take it into the plane’s cabin?"

Answer : As a disabled person you are allowed to travel with up to two pieces of mobility equipment free of charge, in other words, they do not count as part of your baggage allowance.

You will need to advise the carrier you are travelling with that you require help as you are wheelchair dependent because your own wheelchair will be stored in the hold. You cannot take it into the cabin.

As long as you let the carrier know in advance, boarding and getting off when you land should not be a problem.

Spring Tip of the Week

We are now in the season for 'Spring Cleaning' and one place not to overlook is the medicine cabinet. Take a look and discard all out of date medicines, pills, etc. Do not flush down the toilet or put them in the bin but take them back to your surgery or local pharmacy for disposable next time you go or are passing.

In-House News

A prospective client has been visited in Essex.

Live-in carers have been interviewed in Hampshire and two earlier interviewed care workers have been placed on the Register.

All our clients who required cover over Easter were cared for and an emergency when a care worker became ill was covered.

Interesting Information/Statistics

Source: Leonard Cheshire

Client Profile of the Week

Edna has Rheumatoid Arthritis and is in her 80’s. In 2012 in order to remain living in her own home Edna required the services of a live-in care worker system.

Edna attends a day centre once a week and has aids and equipment to help her with her daily activities. The first live-in care worker introduced to Edna is one of her three returning, care workers.

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