February 13, 2014 -- Able Newsflash No.411

Care News

Each year it is estimated that 40,000 people have to sell their home to pay for their care. A Government scheme which is to be rolled out in England, would lend money against their property, the money being repaid to the local council after death. (Similar to a student loan scheme where the loans are repaid after education has finished).

However in a recent report the Local Government Association advised that central Government has massively underestimated the costs involved. The Chairman of the LGA, Sir Merrick Cockell said the scheme would risk bankrupting councils if the take up was too high. (Government models assumed that 50% of people who would take a loan would live less than one year with a further 25% living less than two years).

Three Paralympic sports - wheelchair fencing, goal ball and five-a-side football have had their Olympic funding withdrawn. The withdrawal is based on the premise that there is little chance of a medal being won in these sports by 2020. There is a right to appeal until March of this year.

Most councils in England are paying less than the industry recommended minimum for personal home care, a BBC investigation suggests.

The data was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act which showed that just 4 councils out of 101 paid more than the recommended UKHCA hourly rate of £15.19.

Question of the Week

"I have no living relatives and am now in my early 80’s. You hear of many people, my age, who have a serious health problem and are then kept alive by medical treatments but in a state where life has no quality. If I have a serious health crisis that means to keep me alive I will need medical treatment but there is no likelihood of me being independent again, all I really want is to be cared for in comfort, no treatment. How can I make sure that my wishes are respected?"

Answer : You can make a Living Will which can have two sections: An Advanced Statement and An Advanced Decision. This will allow you to make known your wishes, not only on any treatment you do or do not want to receive, but where you would like to be cared for and how. On the Which? Consumers Association's website, the following page clearly explains a Living Will: www.which.co.uk/money/retirement/guides/writing-a-will/living-wills-explained

Winter Tip

Many trips and falls occur around the bottom and top of stairs. It is therefore of added importance to make sure that these areas are well lit. Many energy saving bulbs take time to warm up and for a period of time are not at their brightest. It is therefore recommended that in the above areas old style tungsten bulbs, fluorescent tubes or halogen bulbs are used.

In-House News

A potential client was visited in Norfolk and a care review meeting was also attended in the county.

A new live–in care worker has been placed on the Register.

A presentation on ‘Community Care 1601-2014’ was given to a group of retired teachers in Suffolk.

NHS Continuing Care funding is obtained by some of our clients. This funding scheme regularly comes up for review and we continue to help our clients prepare for their re-assessment.

Interesting Information

Human fingers stretch and bend about 25 million times in a normal lifetime.

Alzheimer’s disease was first described by German psychiatrist and neuropathologist Alois Alzheimer in 1906 and was named after him.

Client Profile

Felicity was born in 1919 and has severe arthritis. Most of her time is spent in her bed with good local support from the NHS which has provided aids and equipment.

Felicity has good family support and in early 2012 Able Community Care was asked if we would provide regular, live-in respite care. Since then this has taken place over several periods of time and two live-in carers have been introduced into Felicity’s home.

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