January 09, 2014 -- Able Newsflash No.406

Care News

Almost 18,500 patients spent the holidays in hospital even though they were well enough to be discharged, because a lack of social care meant they could not be allowed home.

NHS figures show there were more than 18,490 "delayed transfers of care" – people still in hospital despite being fit to leave – between 19 December and New Year's Day, at a cost of just over £4.8m.

(Source: The Guardian)

Overcharging of disabled passengers who use taxis and private hire vehicles is “rife”, according to an organisation that represents the industry.

A leading figure in the National Taxi Association (NTA) made the admission after it emerged that drivers of accessible taxis and private hire vehicles in Middlesbrough have been told to stop overcharging.

Members of Middlesbrough council’s licensing committee will hear next week how some drivers in the town are discriminating against wheelchair-users by charging them extra.

Some wheelchair-users are being charged up to twice the fare of non-disabled passengers “as a direct consequence of their disability”, according to a report to be considered by the committee.

Councillors on the committee will hear that the charges are being imposed by some drivers of private hire vehicles, as well as wheelchair-accessible taxis that have been sub-contracted by private hire companies.

Chris Chandler, vice-chair of the NTA and its regional director for Cumbria and the north-east, said that such overcharging was widespread across the country.

(Source: Disability News)

Question of the Week

"I have a disabled son who would like to have a computer or another piece of electronic equipment adapted to help him communicate and use for leisure hours. After quite a long time researching and taking advice he now knows what he needs and can use. However, we are unable to afford the hardware and wondered if you knew of any organisation that can help."

Answer : AbilityNet is an organisation whose strap line is: Adapting Technology – Changing Lives.

AbilityNet has a Fact Sheet which you can download from www.abilitynet.org.uk/factsheet/funding-adapted-computer-system which gives you information, advice and guidelines as to the content of any letter you send when you are seeking funding.

The Factsheet also gives details of some funding organisations.

Winter Tip

Bearing in mind the Winter weather this week we have taken the opportunity to print relevant advice from the AA:

In-House News

A prospective client was visited in Hampshire.

A marketing project to recruit live-in care workers has commenced. If you know of any care worker who would like to talk to us about live-in care work, please ask them to give Sue a call on 01603 764567. Eligibilty requirements are: one years care work experience and a clean driving licence.

Interesting Information

More than 8 million people smoke in England with half of long-term smokers dying prematurely from a smoking-related disease. More than 200,000 people aged over 65 are in residential care funded by their council or the NHS.

From 1485 to 1603 The Tudors reigned in Great Britain and during that period the average life expectancy was just 35-38 years and30% of children died before their 10th birthday

Client Profile

Bettina was born in 1923 and though still physically active in 2005, she was showing signs of dementia.

A live-in care package commenced and in 2008 one regular live-in care worker, Kate, was purchased by the family.

Able Community Care now provides live-in care cover, working on a rotational system with Kate. The live-in care worker from Able Community Care is a regular carer and was introduced to Bettina in 2009.

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