December 19, 2013 -- Able Newsflash No.404

Care News

Experts used survey data from more than 6,500 youngsters to estimate there were 207,000 new child smokers between 2010 and 2011.

The data was drawn from surveys of secondary school pupils in England in years 7 to 11 (mostly children aged 11 to 15) carried out for the Health and Social Care Information Centre.

Published in the journal Thorax, the figures for new smokers were particularly high in London.

“Each day, 67 children, more than two classrooms full, start smoking in London,” said the experts, who included specialists from Cancer Research UK and Imperial College London.

An estimated 463 children start smoking every day in England, with 50 in Scotland, 30 in Wales and 19 in Northern Ireland.

Of 74,000 children in Birmingham, nine take up smoking every day.

(Source: Nursing Times)

Elderly people are far more likely to be put into a care home after spending times with their families over Christmas, research has found.

Data held by an online directory of care homes shows a 40 per cent increase in the number of people searching for residential care for the elderly every January.

Experts said the findings suggest that the extra contact with older relatives over the festive season meant families were more likely to realise how infirm they were, or to become overwhelmed by the burden of caring for them.

The figures from, an online directory of care homes, shows that for the last three years the number of visitors to their site has surged in the new year, by at least 40 percent, with almost 400,000 extra visitors to its website this January, compared with the month before.

(Source: The Telegraph)

Have Your Say - Help shape the future of palliative and end of life care research.

Marie Curie Cancer Care have launched a survey which will enable people who are likely to be in the last years of life, current and bereaved carers, their families, and front line social and healthcare professionals - for the first time - to have their say in setting future research priorities for palliative and end of life care.

Despite on-going research, there are still many aspects of palliative and end of life care research that remain unanswered or unknown. Given that resources for research are limited, it is important for research funders to understand what is important to individuals and families, and the professionals who work with them.

The survey, developed by the Palliative and end of life care Priority Setting Partnership, will enable people to highlight what research questions are important to them. Over the coming months the information gathered will be assessed to determine which questions are unanswered by current research and where future areas of research should be prioritised.

If you are affected by a life limiting or terminal illness, if you're a bereaved relative or a carer for someone nearing the end of their life, or you are a health or social care professional who supports them, we want to hear from you. To take part in the survey and to find out more about the wide-range of organisations supporting the partnership, go to

Question of the Week

"How can I find which local county fire brigades give free home fire checks"

Answer : The following page provides information on obtaining a free fire safety check.

This page on the Chief Fire Officers Association website; allows you to click on to each County and see which services are available.

The fire prevention schemes are aimed at the elderly, families with young children or any homes which may carry a high fire risk.

Winter Tip

Ideal Christmas present for an older person: A subscription to a magazine is a gift that lasts all year and the range now available to buy is large e.g. Best of British, This England, etc.

In-House News

"Care - The Muddle" is the title of my article published in Light Blue Law this month. Light Blue Law is the Cambridgeshire and District Law Society Newsletter.

Live-in care worker recruitment figures: Since September 1st, our recruitment department has rejected 66% of applicants. Of the 33% of successful applicants, 66% are now working.

A prospective client was visited in Suffolk, a team meeting took place in London and a client’s care package was reviewed in Somerset.

Interesting Information

Bupa is an international healthcare group, serving over 14 million customers in over 190 countries.

As per the Guinness Book of World Records - Jeanne Louise Calment was the oldest human who lived for 122 years and 164 days. She was born in France on February 21, 1875, and died at a nursing home in Arles, southern France on August 4, 1997.

Client Profile

In 2005 Norman was a gentleman in his 50’s when he had a series of strokes. Wishing to stay in his own home, he considered a live-in care package encouraged by his local Social Services department. Norman’s care package came to Able Community Care and continuous cover has been provided since that date. Currently Norman has two rotational care workers, one who joined him in 2010 and the second care worker in 2011. Recently, due to cuts in funding, Norman’s day centre placement was reduced.