December 12, 2013 -- Able Newsflash No.403

Care News

The Leonard Cheshire Disability (LCD) charity has revealed that nearly three quarters of health care home visits to the elderly and vulnerable in the UK only last 15 minutes. Over the last five years, the number of these shorter visits has increased by 15 percent.

Paul Burrows, chief executive of the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution, warns other charities after hackers ran up a £4,700 bill in just five hours.

Fraudsters have hacked into the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution’s telephone system and run up costs of £4,700.

The grant-making charity, which supports the farming community, said it wanted to warn other charities about the scam, known as ‘phone phreaking’, which left its phones down for two days and families in need unable to contact its confidential helpline.

Hackers targeted the charity’s head office in Oxford and one of its residential homes on the weekend of 30 November by cracking voicemail codes and then dialling a premium-rate number.

RABI said the number was thought to be based in Russia and set up especially to carry out this kind of fraud.

The charity’s telephone provider noticed the unusual activity and blocked calls to and from the charity. But the institution was already £4,700 out of pocket after just five hours.

(Source: Third Sector Management)

The Dept of Work and Pensions have released the Benefit Rates for 2014/15.

Visit for details.

Question of the Week

"I am approaching 70 years of age, do I need to take a further driving test?"

Answer : No, under the current UK licensing system, drivers over 70 need to apply to renew their licence and complete a self-declaration of fitness to drive, although they don’t have to complete a test. They then have to re-apply for their licence every 3 years.

Winter Tip

Never leave Christmas tree lights on if the tree is unattended. Unplug them when you go to bed or leave your home.

In-House News

Julie Robinson, Care Manager has successfully completed a Train the Trainer course in Moving and Handling People.

I presented at the Criterion Conference in Melbourne last week on Consumer Directed Care – Lessons Learnt from the UK.

Potential clients were visited in North Wales, Jersey, Lancashire, and Warrington.

Monitoring visits took place in Greater Manchester.

A new post has commenced in Hertfordshire for an older lady with osteoporosis. Care Manager is Sam and the weekly wage is £575.00 inc.

Carer interviews took place in Norwich and two new live-in care workers have gone on the Register.

All bookings for Christmas and New Year have been completed.

Interesting Information

39 million people are blind in the Commonwealth. 285 million people have moderate or severe impairment. 90% of blind people live in developing countries and 2/3 of blind people are women and girls.

80% of visual impairment is avoidable.

(Source: Diamond Jubilee Trust Australia)

Every year there are approximately 4,000 deaths as the result of a home accident. Around 120 of these are to children below 15 years or age and 1300 to people over the age 75 years.

Client Profile

Steve is in his late 20’s, physically disabled and has poor communication skills. A wheelchair user Steve needs help with all aspects of his personal and domestic care. His social life is important to him and his live-in care package supports him in this.

Steve’s care package commenced in 2008 and currently he has two, returning, live-in carers.

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