October 31, 2013 -- Able Newsflash No.397

Care News

It is estimated that 10 million people in the UK have arthritis and the organisation Arthritis Care has published a new booklet called ‘Coping with Pain’ (Click here for the PDF) and has also made two films, presented by Dr. Fraser Birrell who is a leading expert on arthritis. Click here for further details on the Arthritis Care website.

School children are being taught about dementia via a new resource pack launched at the national Children and Adult Services conference earlier this month.

The resource pack has been launched in conjunction with a project which has seen 22 primary and secondary schools introduce the theme of dementia into their curriculum and over 2000 children have taken part.

All schools are now being encouraged to download the pack and incorporate into their work.

Visit www.dementia4schools.org for further details.

By 2015, all patients should be able to book GP appointments, order a repeat prescription and communicate with their GP surgery online.

Earlier in October Back Care Awareness week took place and, in conjunction with the British Chiropractic Association (BCA), the following Golden Rules for Carers was published:

Also : Carers – Straighten Up

Tim Hutchful from the BCA comments: “Carers spend long periods of time on their feet and put a lot of strain on their bodies, from lifting and assisting the person they are caring for, to moving equipment. Even though our bodies are very well adapted to a variety of tasks, carers need to be particularly careful not to overload themselves and put their backs at risk.

“Formal care settings should have lifting and moving equipment available and staff should always make sure that they have been trained in the proper use of all equipment. Home carers should make sure they receive home assessments for the person they are caring for as equipment can be loaned out – this will require appropriate training for proper use.”

The BCA has developed a very simple three minute exercise routine entitled ‘Straighten Up UK’, which is really easy to incorporate into daily life to help strengthen the spine and improve posture. The exercise routine can be accessed on the BCA website here: bit.ly/straightenup.

Question of the Week

"I am a volunteer for a small, local, care organisation and I wondered what health and safety rights cover me and the other volunteers. Where can I find out?"

Answer : Volunteers don’t have a contract of employment, so don’t have the rights of an employee or worker.

They are usually given a volunteer agreement that explains;

The volunteer agreement isn’t compulsory, but sets out what volunteers can expect from the organisation. It doesn’t form a contract between the volunteer and the organisation.The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) has information on volunteers’ legal status.

Also visit the website: www.hse.gov.uk/contact/faqs/charities.htm for further information.

Winter Tip

This is the season for sausage rolls!

If you buy them frozen, if you make them yourself, when they come out of the over the first bite into the meat should burn, be piping hot. This will tell you that the cooking has been sufficient to raise the temperature of the meat and is cooked.

Similarly, if you re-heat sausage rolls, apply the same method.

In-House News

Two prospective client visits took place in Norfolk and Lincolnshire.

Three client assessment visits took place in Norfolk, Lancashire and Surrey, and a pop in visit was made in Manchester.

One of our Care Managers attended a Moving and Handling training course.

Two prospective Carers were interviewed.

A new post has commenced in Lincolnshire for an elderly lady needing after-stroke care. The Care Manager is Jackie and the weekly wage is £550 inc.

Interesting Information

Asbestos is responsible for over 4,000 deaths every year.

The world's first adult human heart transplant was performed by Christiaan Barnard in South Africa in December 1967.

Client Profile

Noreen has poor sight and some confusion. However, despite being in her 90’s, is independent and in 2012 only wanted live-in care on an occasional respite basis. Noreen had good family and surgery support. Sixteen months later the live-in carer respite service is two weeks on and two weeks off. Noreen has two regular, live-in carers on her roster.

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