September 05, 2013 -- Able Newsflash No.389

Care News

Alcohol and the over 65’s - A paper from Newcastle University on the consumption of alcohol by people over the age of 65 said that it was a ‘hidden problem’. Excessive drinking causes falls and accidents in the home. It also increases the likelihood that people will suffer from depression and it may mask the symptoms of the onset of dementia.

Admissions to hospital related to alcohol consumption were greater in number for people over the age of 65 than for the age group age 16-25 years of age.

Record numbers of care homes were given official warnings last year after inspector’s uncovered “unacceptable” treatment of the most vulnerable people.

A health watchdog issued 910 notices to care homes and hospitals – an increase of 43 per cent from 638 the year before.

(Source: Express)

The Book People has partnered with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB). The organisation will donate 10% of its events earnings to the charity in October. The Book People’s events arm, Book Events, has agreed to support the charity in aid of Read for RNIB Day on 11th October. As part of the arrangement, any company which holds a book sale during October will have the option to donate 10% of sales revenue to the campaign, which aims to make reading more accessible to blind and partially sighted people.

A spokesperson for the charity said: “Blind and partially sighted people face a significantly limited choice of books, the latest statistics reveal that only 7% of all books are fully accessible. Whilst there have been exciting developments in recent years, with the growth of accessible e-books, electronic reading devices and unabridged audio books, there is still a long way to go.” Book Events offers up to 75% discount on new book titles when it holds book sales in workplaces. The RNIB is urging workplaces of more than 300 people to hold a book sale for Read for RNIB Day.

Question of the Week

"I am disabled and have never flown before and I would like to know what help is available and eligibility for such help. Where can I find such information please?

Answer : Comprehensive information can be found in the 65 page document issued by Disabled Person’s Transport Advisory Committee. You can access this via their website at:

The following information has been taken from that document:

Some of the services which airlines and airports can provide on request includes:


An airline is entitled to demand that a passenger travels with a companion if the passenger is not self-sufficient. To travel alone a passenger must be capable of:

Never claim that you are self-sufficient if you are not. You may cause yourself and the airline serious problems because they will be unable to meet your basic needs.

Summer Days

If you have an interest in noisy, greasy diesel engines and an interest in Britain’s industrial heritage based in an early 19th century pump house then you will find a day at Prickwillow Engine Museum entertaining.

The bright and airy museum presents a history of the draining of the Fens. Situated a few miles from Newmarket, there is accessible parking, a hearing loop is available and if you come by boat there are moorings available!

For further information visit the website at: Tel: 01353 688360

In-House News

A potential client has been visited in Bedford.

New live-in care schemes have commenced this week:

Sadly one of our clients died this week, after being cared for by Able for 13 years.

Interesting Information

In the UK, nearly a quarter of the people arriving at A&E are over 65.

The UK's first Neighbourhood Watch was set up in Mollington in Cheshire in 1982 following the success of a similar scheme in Chicago in the United States. Many more schemes followed throughout the UK, and 10 million people are now claimed to be members.

Client Profile

Nerys was born in 1919 and she and her family decided that although relatively independent, to remain in her own home, a live-in care package was required.

Able Community Care has been chosen to provide the care for Nerys and her first two live-in carers are in place.

Live-in Carer 1 has worked with Able Community Care since 2009 and Live-in Carer 2 has been with the company since 2000.

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