August 29, 2013 -- Able Newsflash No.388

Care News

More than 13,000 hospital operations in Wales have been cancelled over three years due to a lack of beds and staff, figures from health boards show.

Cancellations due to bed shortages have risen 72% since 2010/11.The Welsh government said hospitals faced spikes in pressure during the winter, and that a "high proportion" of operations were cancelled by patients themselves.

The figures were obtained through Freedom of Information (FoI) requests by the Western Mail newspaper.

GP Practices in some areas of the north west of England could soon be offering routine appointments seven days a week, under radical plans put forward by GPs to help ease pressure on A&E services.

Under the proposals, some practices in one area would open until 8pm every evening and from 8am to 6pm at weekends.

Triage nurses in some A&E departments would also be able to directly book patients in for GP evening and weekend appointments.

The plans come from six groups of practices that have been awarded a share of a £2million pot offered by NHS England Manchester area team to come up with innovative ways to develop integrated services and shift care out of hospitals into the community.

(Source: PULSE)

Bupa On Demand is pay as you go private treatment. It is for anyone, not just existing Bupa insurance customers; and people do not even have to have any health insurance. Customers tell the specialist unit what type of treatment they are looking for and Bupa arranges the rest.

Customers get a dedicated personal adviser to explain the steps, advise on any diagnostic tests needed, and provide price certainty once treatment has been identified. They then search local quality checked hospitals and Bupa recognised consultants, and quickly book appointments at convenient times. A 24/7 helpline staffed by GPs and nurses is on hand to answer questions or concerns about medical care. The concierge service guides and supports customers through every stage of the healthcare journey

Bupa On Demand is open to everyone over 18, regardless of whether they live permanently in the UK or not. See more at:

Bupa On Demand was first launched as a pilot a year ago covering 70 treatments, and has been so successful that it now been increased to over 450 treatments. Despite limited marketing and advertising, it made 10,000 bookings in the first half of 2013

(Source: IMTJ)

Question of the Week

"Is it possible to discharge oneself from an NHS Hospital?"

Answer : Yes if medical advice is that you should remain in the hospital for a longer time but you wish to leave you will be asked to sign a form stating that despite medical advice you are choosing to leave and therefore relieve the hospital of any responsibility to you should there be any consequences as a result of your early discharge.

(Between 2009 and 2010 almost 15 million patients were seen at hospitals in the UK, with around 1.5 per cent self-discharging – the equivalent of 225,000 people. It is especially common in ethnic minority and socially disadvantaged groups.)

Summer Days

The following is a response from a Newsflash reader re our mention of Sailability for which we say thank you.

"It may be worth mentioning that you don't have to go to Rutland to find a Sailability opportunity: there are Sailability centres in many places all round the country. To find nearby ones, you can use, select 'Sailability Centre' in the 'Show me' dropdown, and enter your location. If you wish you can also specify your type of disability and the type of sailing you're after."

In-House News

Potential clients have been visited in Dorset and Norfolk.

A new live-in care scheme has commenced for an older lady in Lincolnshire. Care Manager is Julie and weekly wage is £570.00pw inc.

A carer interview has taken place in Norfolk and five new live-in carers have been placed on the register.

Whether it was sunshine or the promise of a long Bank Holiday weekend, we had several emergencies on the Friday before the Bank Holiday. Many, many thanks to those other live-in carers who agreed to cover the bookings.

Interesting Information

As of 2012 there were approximately 400 private hospitals in the UK.

During August 2012 to January 2013, 44% of adults in England said that they had formally volunteered at least once in the previous 12 months and 29% of people reported that they formally volunteered at least once a month. This equates to 19.1 million people in England formally volunteering at least once a year and 12.6 million people in England formally volunteering once a month.

Client Profile

Nora was born in 1918 and in 2011 needed to have 24 hour support and companionship. Deciding to remain in her own home her family looked for a live–in care provider.

Able Community care commenced Nora’s care in May 2011 and her live–in care package has been continuous since that date.

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