July 04, 2013 -- Able Newsflash No.380

Care News

The NHS budget in England has been protected again - but the health service has been told it must do more to help councils with social care.

Chancellor George Osborne said he wanted to see £3bn set aside in 2015-16 for integrated services.

He said this was to stop vulnerable elderly patients from falling into "the cracks" between the two sectors.

It comes after he announced local government would get a 10% cut.The NHS is already committed to spending £1bn a year on joint projects with local government so this represents an extra £2bn.
(Source: BBC)

The Home Office's most recent statistics indicate that since 2001, crime in England and Wales has decreased by 38%.

However, theft from persons is the one crime that has increased by 8%, since 2011.

One example is theft from professional predators whose prey is always the weak, the vulnerable and the gullible. Older people in our society are most at risk from those who, either through intimidation or fraud, can ransack a senior's life-savings in a matter of minutes, hours or days. Last year, the Insolvency Service detailed a list of 78 companies that defrauded senior citizens out of £28m. More recently, the Guardian reported that Essex police have arrested 16 individuals on suspicion of befriending up to 140 vulnerable people and scamming them out of more than £1m.
(Information sourced from The Guardian online)

More than seven out of ten older people say they are rarely if ever consulted about services which affect their lives and two thirds believe society sees them as a “burden”.

As part of a three-year study, backed by the Royal Voluntary Service, elderly people were interviewed about their experience of special activities to assess how the system could be redesigned.

The researchers also commissioned polling of a cross section of over 65's about their position in society. It found that almost six out of ten older people say they never use services specifically designed for the elderly.

Interesting Information / Statistics

In Great Britain, the most commonly-reported impairments are those that affect mobility, lifting or carrying.
(Source: Family Resources Survey 2010/11)

In the UK, 600,000 or one in every 103 people has epilepsy and every day in the UK, 87 people are diagnosed with the condition.

Sunny Days

A warm sunny day and a trip along the Cromford Canal in Derbyshire would be a lovely way to spend a couple of hours or so.

The canal was completed in 1794 and you can see the world’s first hydro powered spinning mill, the pump house that used to maintain the water level in the canal and all around enjoy the wild life.

The first three kilometres of the nine kilometre walk are wheelchair accessible and disabled parking is available at Cromford Wharf and there is a RADAR-key toilet. Entry is free and you can read further details at: derbyshire-peakdistrict-co-uk.leia.parcomweb.net/cromfordcanal.htm

In-House News

Potential clients have been visited in Norfolk and The Channel Islands. Potential live-in carers have been interviewed in Hampshire and Norfolk.

A new post has commenced in The Channel Islands for a gentleman and his wife needing total support. Care Manager is Sam and weekly wage is £710.00 plus travel.

A presentation was made to a ‘Friends Club’ entitled "Community Care 1601 – 2013". Questions concerning present day care issues followed.

An ‘in house’ charity sale raised £70.00 for our two 2013 supported charities.

Client Profile

Christine is in her 80’s and a diabetic. Forgetting her medication, not feeling able to carry out the domestic needs of her home and feeling lonely, Christine decided with her family support, to try a live in care package late last year.

The first two carers who were introduced to Christine were liked and have been returning on a rotational basis since that time.

There have been some health problems since Christine’s care first began but excellent back up services are provided by her local GP surgery and Christine is still able to remain living in her own home with her pet dog.

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