May 23, 2013 -- Able Newsflash No.374

Care News

Motorway service stations are not always suitable for people with disabilities if a person cannot walk or stand. Many motorway disabled toilets do not have room for two people to help, do not have hoists or benches. In many cases the disabled person may have to lie on the floor to be helped.

A petition has been launched to improve what can be a humiliating experience for many people in an attempt to upgrade the toilet facilities to an acceptable level.

You can access the petition if you wish to sign up at:

The Association of Directors of Adult Social Services has carried out a survey and publishes the following facts:

Question of the Week

"My neighbour (who has no close relatives) recently had a stroke from which she is recovering but she has been left disabled. She wants to adapt her kitchen so that she can use it more easily and has asked my husband and I for advice. We would like some guidance as to how we could help her with this problem. Can you point us in a helpful direction please?"

Answer : There are several disability organisations that can help but for a general website that gives comprehensive ideas which can then be followed through to an organisation/tradesman/shop etc. you could look at the Which Magazine website article, Adapting Kitchens for a Disability.

Interesting Information / Statistics

Thousands of elderly people in Scotland feel trapped in their own homes because of a lack of suitable public transport, a charity has claimed. A survey by WRVS (now called Royal Voluntary Service) found 16,500 75 year-olds felt unnecessarily excluded because of poor public transport.

Some 57 per cent of elderly care home residents are either fully or partially funding their care.

In-House News

Potential clients have been visited in Dorset and The Channel Islands.

Client monitoring visits have taken place in Norfolk and Moving & Handling review training has taken place for three live-in carers.

Two live-in care workers have been accepted on to our Register this week.

A presentation re. 'Care in the Community' was given to a branch of the Civil Service Retirement Fellowship.

Twelve people have 'opted in' this week to receive free, regular, care updates via our Information Sheet service.

"Rhetoric Versus Reality In Social Care" is the latest article in our company website's article directory and on Angela's blog

Client Profile

Michael has Cerebral Palsy and in 2008 he already had a live-in care system in place but this was not complete. Able Community Care were asked if they could slot in as part of the existing team. The live-in carer we introduced to Michael in February 2008 is still his regular carer from Able Community Care. Through his live-in care system Michael, now in his middle twenties, can follow his favourite football club, maintain his interest in boxing and has been enabled to attend college.

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