May 16, 2013 -- Able Newsflash No.373

Care News

An increasing number of care providers are going out of business as a result of local council funding cuts, according to a new report. Research carried out by accountancy firm Wilkins Kennedy reveals that the number of care homes going bust increased by 12% between 2011 and last year.

The total number of 67 homes in insolvency in 2012 is close to double the amount that went under in 2010 and came at a time when the total number of companies of all types going out of business dropped by 5%.

The report released by the accountancy firm finds that more homes are finding it difficult to manage their debts or keep their standards of care high due to local authority cuts aimed at managing the reductions in their budgets.

Wilkins Kennedy partner Stephen Grant confirmed that referrals from local councils were a huge source of income in a sector facing high fixed costs so the cutbacks are having a huge impact on care providers.

Tea For Victory Needs You!

Coinciding with VE day, Prostate Cancer UK has launched "Tea For Victory" and is urging the nation to sign up and raise vital funds to help the 250,000 men in the UK living with prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer UK is encouraging people to dust off their vintage tea cups, grab their rolling pins and get baking to give the disease its marching orders by holding a 1940s themed Tea For Victory party.

"We are encouraging people to make it 'cake and tea at all costs', use our themed posters and bunting or even wear 1940s style outfits and make cakes with a week's worth of rations! We are determined to win the battle against prostate cancer. We will fight it at the tea table, we will fight it at the street party, and together we'll help more men survive prostate cancer and enjoy a better quality of life."

To register, or for more information and a fundraising pack full of ideas and tips, visit their Tea for Victory page or call 0208 222 7137.

The official estimate for disabled blue badge fraud is £46m a year. Misuse of the scheme varies from 4% to 70% depending on the location of use, with an average of 20% of all blue badges in circulation being misused in some way. In busy retail areas the figure is 40% to 60% misuse.

Blue parking badges for the disabled are held by an astonishing 2.56 million people in England. Use of one by an able-bodied person carries a fine of up to £1,000, but one in every 200 badges is stolen each year. To combat this, the government says it is looking to give councils new powers to confiscate stolen or forged badges.

Question of the Week

"I help at a local club for older people and we were talking about a particular incident in a local town where an older person had been conned over a fake competition win. I would like to get some information leaflets that I could hand out to our members to let them know what to do and what not to do. Where would I go to get such leaflets?"

Answer : The Office of Fair Trading have a one page leaflet entitled, "Don't Let Them Con You". Click here to download the leaflet from the OFT website. Or you could give them a call and order them directly from 0800 389 3158.

Interesting Information / Statistics

Worth remembering: There are a limited number of spaces available for wheelchair users on each train, so it is important therefore that you book space in advance.

Travel insurance can get much more expensive for people as they get older and trying to find out which one gives you the cover you want at a price that is reasonable, is difficult and can be time consuming.

The Mature Times (a monthly newspaper which can be picked up for free at many outlets including local libraries), to try and help has published a guide; "The Mature Guide to Travel Insurance". It contains tips on what to do, where to go, questions to ask, etc.

The Guide can be obtained from: Mature Times Guides, Highwood House, Winters Lane, Redhill, Bristol. BS40 5SH. The guide costs £4.95. (To look at the other Guides that are available and other aspects of the newspaper visit

In-House News

Two potential client visits have taken place in Norfolk.

Moving and Handling review training has been given in the homes of two of our clients.

A new post has commenced in Norfolk for an older lady requiring all round support. Care Manager is Jackie Maasz.

A care presentation was given to an older peoples social club in Suffolk.

Client Profile

Trevor is a gentleman in his 50's with Learning Disabilities. He moved into a home of his own as his parents were now elderly and wanted him to become as independent as possible. Social Services facilitated his move into a home of his own and live-in care commenced in July 2011. Trevor had a known carer from when he lived at home who provides his live-in care on a regular rota basis working with the live-in carers of Able Community Care. The first Able Community Care carer who was introduced to Trevor is still one of his two regular carers and the second regular on Trevor's rota was introduced to him in September 2012.

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