January 31, 2013 -- Able Newsflash No.358

Care News

I am on the emailing list of a few agents who sell care businesses, both home care and residential care organisations.

In the last few months I have noticed an increase in the number of details (anon) I am receiving (this morning about a franchised, care company, two in Scotland and one in Hampshire). Further research on Google shows that many companies who provide between 400 and 1,000 hours under contract are the ones that are up for sale. Several are now under ‘new price’ or ‘offers’.

This is a worrying situation and perhaps we should ask the reasons why. I would suggest two that may be relevant:

  1. Councils are cutting the number of hours they purchase from care organisations meaning that some become non-viable.

  2. State payers whether they are councils or the NHS are late payers.
Currently we are waiting for some PCT’s to pay us, one from as far back as May 2012, others owe from August 2012 and October 2012. Lack of auditing by departments responsible for giving direct payments also pose problems as the receivers of such payments can, without ongoing monitoring, spend their monthly bank credit on other things.

Arthritis Research UK has published a new guide: "Living With Long-Term Pain: A Guide To Self-Management".

It is estimated that approx. 10 million people in the UK live with long-term pain and this publication is designed to be of help.

It can be obtained by downloading from this page on the Arthritis Research UK website.

Alternatively you can order a copy by telephoning 0300 790 0400.

Many charities are asking for practical help in 2013 and the UK Hand Knitting Association gives details of charities that would like such help. These are just a few that can be found on their website:

  1. Oxfam gives patterns on their website about what items they would like knitted.

  2. West Wales Dog Rescue would like dog coats knitted for Jack Russell size dogs to large greyhound size and happy to supply patterns. There is a small prize for the most unusual coat.

  3. KIDS Company are asking for knitted heart shaped bags to enable children to have something of their own they can keep personal items and treasures in.

  4. Siblings Together with reference to uniting brothers and sisters in care and adoption would love knitted blankets and ponchos. Again free patterns are on the website.

  5. Knit For Newlife, a children’s disability charity would love any knitted or crocheted items to sell at craft sales.

Question of the Week

"What is the definition of disabled and where can I find out about grants to make a ‘disabled’ person’s home more appropriate for occupancy?"

Answer : The Disabled Facilities Grant is a means tested grant to help with the costs of adapting a property in which a disabled person lives. An assessment will be done in order to make sure that any adaptations would be appropriate and are necessary. They also have to be practical and reasonable in relation to the property the disabled person lives or will live in.

The Grants are via the local authority and you should get a copy of their criteria and eligibility. The maximum grant in England is £30K, in Wales £36K.

The definition of a person considered to be disabled is:

There are web sites from which you can get further information one of these is: www.scope.org.uk

Interesting Information / Statistics

Toothpaste... Colgate was the first commercial toothpaste and was sold in jars from 1873. It was not until 1896 that the jar format finished and the collapsible tube came in.

In a 2010 study, daily consumption of ginger was shown to help ease muscle pain associated with exercise by 25%.
(Source: this page on sciencedaily.com)

In-House News

A Care Review took place in West Sussex and Norfolk monitoring visits have taken place.

Sadly a client died this week for whom we had been providing continuous cover for nine years.

If you would like to receive our Free Information Sheets emailed to you (approx. one per month) please send an email request to ablemg@aol.com and we will place you on our growing list. (You can cancel at any time and your email address will not be given out to anyone else).

Recent information sheets have included:
"Older People and Home Security"
"Choosing a Wheelchair"
and "Ideas for Birthday Presents for Older People".

Client Profile

Keith is a young adult with Downs Syndrome. In 2006 he was offered a flat of his own but needed 24 hour, live-in care provision to enable him to embrace the independence.

Able Community Care began providing Keith with this service at the end of 2006 and it has been continuous since that time. Keith has two main, regular live-in carers one who was first introduced to Keith in July 2007 and his second live-in carer in February 2010.

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Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Director
Able Community Care Ltd.