December 06, 2012 -- Able Newsflash No.351

Care News

Helping to Put the Pieces Together is the name of a new dementia information pack produced by the Pilgrim’s Friends Society.

The Pilgrim’s Friends Society is a Christian charity which provides respite, residential, nursing and dementia care. The pack has been produced as a result of their experience in dementia care and in response to many questions they have been asked at conferences, seminars, etc.

Helping to Put the Pieces Together is available at
or by writing to their head office address:
The Pilgrims' Friend Society, 175 Tower Bridge Road, London, SE1 2AL, England

The figures for Excess Winter Mortality in England and Wales have just been released and they show that there were an estimated 24,000 excess winter deaths in 2011/12, an 8% reduction on the previous winter. The majority of the deaths that occurred were among those over the age of 75 and the highest mortality index was in London.

Information such as this is used in tackling premature deaths, supporting energy efficient intervention in housing and in encouraging fuel poverty referral.

Reducing excess winter mortality is one of the outlined outcomes for the “Healthy Life Expectancy and Preventable Mortality” domain.

The Abbeyfield organisation - For the third year running, Abbeyfield is inviting older people who might otherwise be alone over Christmas, to spend time at an Abbeyfield house or care home for a free festive dinner or even an overnight stay - giving older people an alternative to spending the period alone throughout the holidays (24th December - 4th January) joining the campaign on a daily basis.

Go to: for further details.

??? Question of the Week ???

" I have some incontinence problems – taking daily tablets to help with the problem.

I asked my Doctor if there was a scheme whereby I could ask to use a toilet if needed but he said there wasn’t one. I have asked in various shops to use a toilet but they have been very reluctant to help.

However I just read about Able Community Care and found that a card is available. If you could let me know how much it costs, I will willingly pay for a card knowing that it will give me peace of mind. Thanking you for any help."

Answer : We often get asked this question and it is the Bladder and Bowel Foundation you need to contact either by telephoning 01536 533255 or visiting their website at

The card is the ‘ Just Can’t Wait ‘ card and it clearly states that the holder has a medical condition and needs to use the toilet quickly. Although it does not guarantee you access to a toilet most places you visit are willing to help out on production of the card.

The card is credit sized and a payment of £5.00 is requested towards the charities costs.

Interesting Information / Statistics

The Norfolk Fire Brigade (likely to be similar figure ratio in other counties) have advised that last year 430 house fires occurred in the County, 260 of which started in the kitchen.

The advice is to keep oven, hob and grill clean which will prevent a build up of fat and grease.

If you leave to answer the door or the telephone, be sure to take pans off the stove, etc.

For further advice visit: and look under latest news.

French Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) developed Rheumatoid Arthritis late in life and required a wheelchair to get around for the last few years of his life. In order to continue painting, Renoir employed assistants who would dip brushes in paint for him and strap the brushes to his hands. Renoir's later paintings are celebrated for their looser brushwork. It is probable that his looser brushwork is the result of his arthritis.

In-House News

A potential client visit has taken place in Surrey.

All clients needing live-in care over Christmas and the New Year have been covered.

Our Risk Assessor carried out a visit to an existing client this week in Hertfordshire.

A potential live-in carer was interviewed in Norfolk this week.

A new blog article has been placed at: entitled: Is it possible to achieve caring with commonsense?

Our office raffle and Bring and Buy last week raised £103.00 for our 2012 charities.

Client Profile

Bella is an adult with Parkinson’s Disease and came to Able Community Care in May 2008. Bella has two main carers, Live-in Carer 1 joined her in June 08 and Live-in Carer 2 joined the rota in January 2011. Cost of care per week is £718.00 exc. Food and BH’s.

Domestic, personal and social care is provided

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