September 20, 2012 -- Able Newsflash No.340

UK News

The College of Optometrists are advising more people to have an eye test after research has shown that approximately one in ten people have not had an eye test in the last ten years. Many people think it is not necessary to have a test as they have no problems but the college warns that for some eye conditions there are no symptoms and delaying a test could mean damaged sight in the future.

If you have been told that you have either high or low blood pressure and would like to know more about what this means and how it will affect your life you may wish to visit the Blood Pressure Assocation website at, where their experts will take you through what your blood pressure readings mean, how high blood pressure can affect your body, etc.

This is the month when many fire stations are offering free, electric blanket checks. Electric blankets are the cause of around 5000 fires a year. Look in your local paper or give your local station a ring for the relevant dates.

In the UK in 2011/2012, 3,960 organ transplants were carried out, a record number.

The number of deceased organ donors also increased to 1,088 up 8% on the previous year.

? ? ? Question of the Week ? ? ?

"Can my employer ask my GP for a copy of my medical records without my consent?"

Answer : No, your employer cannot ask your GP for your medical report without your consent and you do not have to give your consent.
Source: The Access to Medical Reports Act 1988

However, if you do agree, you can ask to see the report before it is sent to your employer and discuss it with your GP if you are unhappy and feel it is incorrect or misleading. You can, if you wish at this stage, also decide not to have it sent on to your employer.

Interesting Information / Statistics

The United States has the highest number of centenarians, the number currently standing at 72,000 and this number is expected to increase to approximately 1,000,000 by 2050.

In the UK the numbers are smaller but are increasing. In the UK the Office of National Statistics gives the number of centenarians living in the UK as approximately 9000, a 90% increase since 1911 and an increase of 7% since 2005. People over the age of 90 are the fastest population growing segment in the UK.

Age UK reports that nearly one in three older people cannot cut their own toenails.

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