August 16, 2012 -- Able Newsflash No.335

UK News

One in five of the deafblind people surveyed for a new report do not get any social care support, and many say this leaves them imprisoned in their own home.

The report, "Fair care for the future", published today by Sense, also highlights that many deafblind people have experienced cuts to what they receive, have been asked to pay more for it out of their own pockets or are increasingly forced to rely on family members - including children - to act as carers.

The report also found that almost 50% of deafblind people surveyed have never been assessed properly for social care or struggled to get an assessment, with one deafblind person saying it took five years.Source: Sense website at

Current estimations suggest that in England about a quarter of people aged 65 have very low care costs, or no costs at all during their lives; half of the population pay care costs up to £20,000; and 10 per cent of people pay care costs of more than £100,000. Overall it is estimated that in England in 2009/10 approximately £8,300 million was spent privately on social care for people aged 65+, in comparison with £7,500 million of public funding. According to these figures currently around 52.5% of social care for older people is privately funded, while 47.5% of care is publicly funded. Therefore, more than half of the costs of older people’s social care in England are currently falling on older people and their families.
Taken from Ageing Across Europe a report prepared by DEMOS for WRVS May 2012 a 143 page report.

Young disabled people are set to benefit from a new employer's incentive scheme launched by the Government.

From 25 July, employers can claim a payment of up to £2,275 when they recruit a young disabled person through Work Choice, a specialist programme that gives severely disabled people tailored employment support.

Work Choice is managed by the Department of Work and Pensions and is available in mainland UK.

There are no restrictions on the type of work an employer can offer other than that it must last at least 26 weeks.

For further details call your local Business Link or visit their website.

? ? ? Question of the Week ? ? ?

"I am always cutting myself in the garden and can never find the plasters. I have heard that there is a spray on plaster available to stem the bleeding from such minor cuts and wounds. Do you know where I can get it from?"

Answer : Boots the Chemists sell a product called Stop Bleeding Fast Spray which is a fine powder that you can spray over a clean wound. The powder will absorb the blood from minor cuts and grazes and forms a soft, gel-like layer over the wound. The cost is £4.99.

Interesting Information / Statistics

NHS Direct handles 22,500 calls a day - around 8.2 million calls a year. The top reasons for calling are abdominal pain, dental tooth/jaw pain, rashes, chest pain and ingesting toxic substances.

The number of prescription items dispensed annually to treat alcohol dependency in England has risen by more than 60 per cent in eight years.

Nearly 167,800 items were dispensed in the community in 2011.

This is a rise of nearly five per cent on the previous year (160,200) and of 63 per cent on 2003 (102,700); the first year of time series data included in the annual report: Statistics on Alcohol: England, 2012.

In House

This week we have seen the photo of one of our clients, accompanied by her live-in carer, carrying the Olympic Torch on one of London’s Streets prior to entering the stadium.

A mixture of monitoring visits /risk Assessments, staff appraisals and Manual Handling visits have taken place in: Hertfordshire, Scotland, Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

A potential client was visited in Norfolk.

News posts have commenced in:

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