July 12, 2012 -- Able Newsflash No.330

UK News

The new millennium dawned to the electrical hum of around 70,000 powered wheelchair and scooter users in Britain. Today there are five times as many, with warnings of "mo-sco" gridlock in some of our more populous retirement villages. (Source: BBC News)

The average cost of a funeral today is £7,248. This is 20% higher than in 2007(Source: Mintel Consumer Research Study, July 2011)

A Scottish nutritionist has teamed up with an entrepreneur to produce what they claim are the first nutritionally balanced pizzas. The pizzas are said to contain 30% of an adult's guideline daily amount of vitamins and minerals. They are also said to have a third of the recommended amount of calories, protein and carbohydrate. The pizzas were created by Mike Lean, of Glasgow University, and businessman Donnie Maclean. They are expected to be commercially available in a few months.

Around 640,000 carers visit people in their homes across the UK on a daily basis, helping them with basic tasks like dressing, washing, and heating up meals.

? ? ? Question of the Week ? ? ?

"I regularly visit an elderly lady who is confused at times and who receives junk mail in the post asking her to send a cheque to cover postage of a prize she has won, requests for money from various charities and leaflets promising various health benefits. I know she responds to many of these and I have mentioned it to her son who lives abroad. He has asked me if I can apply to have such mail stopped. How do I do this?"

Answer : It is easy to reduce the amount of UK unwanted mail that is received by contacting the Mailing Preference Service (MPS) online at: www.mpsonline.org.uk

Some requests for money now come by telephone, charities asking you to sign up to pay regular amounts, etc or increase your current donations. These can be halted by contacting the Telephone Preference Service online at: www.tpsonline.org.uk

Interesting Information / Statistics

B&BF has recently launched its new style Just Can't Wait toilet card, which now uses what is considered to be a universally acknowledged image for a toilet. This generic image should help limit any embarrassment and ensure there is no confusion about the purpose of the card. It may also go some way to helping holders of the card find and access toilets in situations where English may not be the first spoken language.

Finding a toilet when out and about continues to be a priority for many people affected by a bladder or bowel problem, and unfortunately remains one of the reasons why so many cut down on social activities or even stop going out altogether.

B&BF's toilet card clearly states that the holder has a medical condition and needs to use a toilet quickly. Although it does not guarantee you access to a toilet, most places you visit will be willing to help you.

The card is a small, credit sized card, designed to fit easily into purse, wallet or pocket.

As a national charity reliant on donations to fund their work, it is requested that a donation of £5.00 is made towards the cost of sending out a card. This £5.00 donation covers the cost of producing the card, associated administration work and postage. Further details can be found online at www.bladderandbowelfoundation.org The telephone number is 01536 533255

In House

  • Prospective clients have been visited in Cornwall, Norfolk and Leicestershire.
  • Carer interview and MH training has taken place in Norfolk.
  • New posts have commenced in Norfolk, for an older lady with Macular Degeneration. Care Manager is Chrissie, weekly wage is £571.00per week inclusive.
  • In Surrey for a lady with MS. Care Manager is Sam, weekly wage is £571.00pw inc.
  • Sadly an older, lady client died this week. We had provided continual, fortnightly rotational cover of live-in carers to her for approximately three years. Her very first carer back in 2009 was with her when she died.

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