July 05, 2012 -- Able Newsflash No.329

UK News

Most towns and cities have a gym which should provide facilities for everyone but do they?

The Leonard Cheshire organisation in conjunction with Channel 4 Paralympics reporter Jordan Jarrett-Bryan is asking ‘How does your gym work out for disabled people?

Over the next six weeks Leonard Cheshire Disability wants to discover how accessible the UK’s gyms and fitness centres are for disabled people.

Can you help with information about the gym in your area, if so visit the following website for further details:www.lcdisability.org

The Care Quality Commission inspected 150 NHS, independent health care and social care services and found that almost half were not meeting government standards for services provided to people with learning disabilities.

Many failings are a direct result of care that is not centred on the individual or tailored to their needs.

The findings have shown that some assessment and treatment services are admitting people for long periods of time and that discharge arrangements were taking too long to arrange.

The full report which covers other findings can be found on the CQC web site: www.cqc.org.uk

Twenty seven Scottish charities, as widely spread as Orkney through to Glasgow, are set to receive a much needed funding boost of almost a quarter of a million pounds from the Bank of Scotland Foundation.

This is the second tranche of donations through the Bank of Scotland Foundation small grants programme this year, and brings total donations to over £2 million since it was launched in November 2010. The Bank of Scotland Foundation is an independent charity that receives an annual donation of £1m from Lloyds Banking Group.

Some of the charities who will benefit under the above are:

(Source Charity News Scotland)

? ? ? Question of the Week ? ? ?

"Could you give me some information about parking and help at Heathrow Airport please?"

Answer : There are a large number of facilities to assist disabled and older people at Heathrow Airport including car parking.

At the Short Stay car park:

At the Long Stay car park:

Once you have parked your car and arrived at your terminal help is available:

Interesting Information / Statistics

The Black Death in the Middle Ages had a mortality rate of approximately 35%. There was no idea what caused the disease, treatment was available but ineffective. Treatment included lancing the swellings and applying a warm poultice of butter, onion and garlic. Arsenic and even dried toad were applied in the hope of a cure.

On the 28th February 1953 two Cambridge students, James Watson and Francis Crick announced they had decoded the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid, or as we now call it simply DNA

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