June 28, 2012 -- Able Newsflash No.328

UK News

The Care Quality Commission has revealed that the number of care home whistleblowers is increasing. The number of complaints from whistleblowers, which could include both relatives and staff has increased from 22 in the month of December 2010 to 556 in March this year.

Car safety seats have to be fitted correctly. The consumer organisation Which conducted a practical survey last week (Child Safety Week) by sending mystery shoppers into seven branches of each of the five major child seat retailers to scrutinise the standard of advice on offer from their trained members of staff.

Mothercare came out top of the five chains investigated but scored lower than the independent stores "Which" mystery shopped last year, overall the results of the survey were worrying. For full details of the stores investigated and the results found go to Google and Google News and search for: Child Safety Week - Which.

Cannabis study: disappointing results for progressive MS.

The following can be found on the web site of The MS Society.

Research has shown a cannabis-based drug, THC, didn't slow disability progression in people with progressive MS. The CUPID study, conducted by researchers from Plymouth University and co-funded by the MS Society, investigated whether the main active constituent of cannabis (tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC) is effective in slowing the course of progression in MS.

Disappointingly, the study found that overall THC didn't slow disability progression. However, there was some evidence there was a beneficial effect in people who were at the lower end of the disability scale at the beginning of the study.

This benefit was only found in a small group of people, so further studies would be needed to find out how beneficial THC would be for this group.

The study

Researchers studied nearly 500 people with progressive MS from 27 centres around the UK. Participants were randomised to receive either a THC tablet or a dummy (placebo) tablet for three years. They were carefully followed to see how their MS changed or progressed over this period.

THE MS Society website: www.mssociety.org.uk

? ? ? Question of the Week ? ? ?

"My elderly parents are coming to live with my family. Though they are both mobile, their mobility is reducing. We would like to build an extension to our house which will give them a disabled friendly environment so that if their mobility or health deteriorates then the facilities will already be there for them to use. I have called a couple of local builders but do not have much faith that they have the necessary understanding or any ideas that are particular to disability living. Is there a directory of builders who specialise in building for older or disabled people?"

Answer : The Federation of Master Builders have a membership list which includes builders who are able to carry out work in this area of need. If you visit their website at www.fmb.org.uk you will be able to get details of builders in your area who have been vetted and approved to carry out such work.

Interesting Information / Statistics

People aged 65 and over visit their GP on average seven times a year.

There are 150 million senior citizens in the European Union.

Over 87,000 people aged 65 years and over live alone in Barcelona, equivalent to about 20 percent of the population.

In House

Potential clients were visited this week in Cornwall and Norfolk.

Client review visits took place in Norwich, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Worcestershire.

A new post has commenced in Norfolk for a gentleman in his 40’s. Care Manager is Jackie and the weekly wage is £598.00 inclusive.

Many parish and community magazines use our "Questions of the Week" when they have space to fill in their monthly or quarterly publications. This week another two local magazines asked if they could also take up the opportunity. The magazines cover villages in Kent and Berkshire.

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