June 21, 2012 -- Able Newsflash No.327

UK News

Labour has carried out a survey with reference to the funding residential care homes receive from local councils who are paying care costs for people unable to fund their own care. The results of the survey are as follows:

The result, say the providers, is that self funders are being charged more because of the need to subsidise council funders. (Approximately 40 per cent of care home residents are self-funding).

Research carried out in 2011 with reference to how disability was portrayed in the media showed that the reporting is having a negative impact on public attitudes and on disabled people themselves.

The report conducted by The Strathclyde Centre for Disability Research and Glasgow Media Group provided compelling evidence for use by disabled people in making a case for more balanced media coverage.

The report titled ‘Bad News for Disabled People’ was commissioned by Inclusion London. Their website is: www.inclusionlondon.co.uk

? ? ? Question of the Week

"I am being admitted to hospital in a few weeks time, Can I insist on being placed in a single sex ward?"

Answer : You do not have a right to be cared for in a single sex ward but currently all NHS hospitals are expected to cease having mixed-sex wards. However, depending on the care you need it may be in your best interest at the present time to have that care provided in a mixed sex ward.

If you are placed in a mixed-sex ward and there does not appear to be a good reason why you have been placed there (which you would need to have substantiated) then the hospital can be fined for each day that you have to stay in that ward.

Interesting Information / Statistics

The UK has 10 million people registered as disabled in the UK. If the members of the House of Commons reflected this there would be approximately 65 disabled MP’s.

A few famous names who are/were deaf or have/had a hearing impediment:

In House

4 new live-in care workers have joined the Register.

Potential client assessments have been carried out in: Norfolk, Surrey and the Channel Islands.

A new post has commenced for an older lady requiring stroke after care. Care Manager is Jackie and the weekly wage is £575.00pw inclusive.

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