June 07, 2012 -- Able Newsflash No.325

UK News

The NHS Commissioning Board is part of the Government’s vision to modernise the present health service and give a better service to patients. The changes to the health service, which should be fully operational by April 2013, are as a result of The Health and Social Care Act.

It is expected that there will be 27 local ‘arms’ of the Board which will replace the current PCT’s.

A particular vision of the new arrangements will be to make preventative care, self care and well co-ordinated care services positive and practical. This is especially important with an increasing aging population.

The Kings Fund has a document download that you may like to read titled ‘Transforming our health care system’. Visit www.kingsfund.org.uk/publications/articles/transforming_our.html for the 16 page, comprehensive document.

Food, nutrition and dignity surrounding everyday activities such as eating will now be monitored by The Care Quality Commission in residential care homes and NHS facilities. The intention is to make meal times enjoyable and make each person’s mealtime experience person centred.

The NACC and English Community Care Association have produced a best practice guide titled ‘How to Comply with CQC’s Outcome 5: Meeting nutritional needs. For details visitwww.thenacc.co.uk

There are 120,000 people using Direct Payments with reference to purchasing their own care. Many people use their payments to employ Personal Assistants.

Paying for your care and hiring help makes the person or their advocate an employer and with it the subsequent problems that occur as an employer. The insurance firm Fish has an Employment Advice Line for people whom they insure and state that they are receiving upwards of 900 calls per month over employment issues.

Many employers such as those who engage Personal Assistants need guidance and advice over Health and Safety issues, disciplinary procedures, discrimination, insurance, reducing an assistants hours if the Direct Payment is reduced, etc. This is not always clearly explained at the time of granting Direct Payments.

? ? ? Question of the Week

"My elderly Aunt, who has dementia is coming to stay with us to give my Mother, who is her carer, a break. I have two young children and would welcome any ideas as to how I can make life for them and my Aunt work well when she is here?"

Answer :Although not their Grandmother, The Alzheimers Society has a book titled ‘ It’s me Grandma! It’s me!’ which you may find of help. The book can be purchased from the Alzheimer’s Society from their online shop. The shop also sells cd’s and dvd’s which you may find will happily pass the time away for your Aunt and your children.

Interesting Information / Statistics

Ex England and Newcastle striker Alan Shearer is aiming to raise £250,000 a year to help disabled people in the North East.

He has launched the Alan Shearer Foundation to follow on from his charitable activities over the last few years;

His Alan Shearer Activity Centre offered its sensory facilities to disabled people last year free of charge, the annual cost of which would have been around £100,000.His Short Break Centre also provided £150,000 of free breaks to disabled people with complex needs.Alan has worked along with St Cuthbert’s Care with reference to the practical services provided

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