March 22, 2012 -- Able Newsflash No.314

Care News

Michael Matheson, Scotland's Public Health Minister has written to Health Secretary Andrew Lansley asking for his support on a UK wide ban regarding the showing of television advertisements for food which are high in fat, salt and sugar. He requests that the advertisements should not be shown before the 9.00pm watershed.

There is already a ban, brought in by Ofcom regarding advertisements which are high in fat, salt and sugar during children's television programs, however, the reason for wanting an extension to this is that children's viewing habits go on later than the end of children's programming hours.

Childcare costs are £5,103 a year on average for a 25-hour-a-week nursery place for a child under two, according to the Daycare Trust, or £14,716 to £19,760 for a live-in nanny, according to The Guardian)

Young children are three times as likely to be taken to A&E in inner cities than in rural areas.(New report from the Department of Health)

Warwickshire County Council under their Health and Safety policy have banned hot drinks at a Mother and Toddlers coffee morning session. The ban has been put in place to minimize the risk of accidentally scalding a child.

In-House News

Prospective clients have been visited this week in Norfolk, Peterborough, and two in Nottinghamshire.

One ‘pop in’ review has taken place in Nottinghamshire.

A new post has commenced in Somerset for a female, Care Manager is Colin, weekly wage is £549.00 per week inc.

Interesting Information / Statistics

2012 – There are more than 900000 people who have had a stroke living in England and every five minutes someone in England will experience one.

The 1960 Summer Paralympics, originally known as the 9th Annual International Stoke Mandeville Games were the first international Paralympic Games. The games were held in Rome with 400 athletes from 23 countries. The only disability included in these Paralympics was spinal cord injury. (Source Wikipedia)

There are over 10,000 pharmacies in England providing a range of services in addition to the dispensing of prescriptions. Over 886 million prescriptions were dispensed in England in 2009 at a cost of over £8.5 billion. Additionally, the NHS spends about £3.8 billion on medicines used in hospitals.

Question of the Week
"I have been issued with a Red Disabled Parking Permit by Queensland Government (Australia). Am I able to use this permit in Great Britain?"

Answer : There is no automatic acceptance of non EU countries disabled parking permits. However, if your know where you are going to be staying, geographically, contact the County Council, Disabled Parking Permits, department for further guidance and possible help.

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