January 05, 2012 -- Able Newsflash No.303

Care News

In the last few days there was an article which had the headline - "Elderly Hit With Stealth Fee Rise on Home Care Costs".

This was in relation to home care and brought forth a comment from Liz Kendall MP, Shadow Minister for Care and Older People, of; "These increases in home care charges for older and disabled people are a stealth tax on the most vulnerable in society".

Stealth is defined as doing something slowly, quietly and covertly in order to avoid detection, which the comment and the article seemed to imply was how unfair, higher costs of care are being introduced.

What nonsense. If the cost of a care service has been increased in the last year it is because of all or some of the following:

There are variations across the country with reference to the disparity of how much a service costs in one area and how much, for the same service, it costs in another area of the country. This needs to be standardized, no one would disagree with that. It is an unfair situation.

The point is however, that this disparity should not be aligned with the increasing costs for care, purchased by local authorities and the NHS, which has increased for the reasons above and not for any other underhanded reason as seemed to be suggested.

The Independent Living Fund
A campaign has been launched to make the Government reconsider closing the ILF in 2015.

The Fund currently provides funding to approx. 20,000 disabled people who have been deemed ‘severely disabled’.

The ILF allows people to have choices about their lives, the money employs many carers enabling disabled people to live in their own homes and communities and currently they are anxiously concerned about loosing the basic freedoms they have been enabled to have since the late 1980’s.

The petition to seek the continuation of the ILF aims to attract 100,000 signatures and you can visit; http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/24368 for further details.

If you are a user of the ILF there is a letter that you can sign up to as a user by using one of the two following email addresses:

  1. mail@pac.uk.net
  2. Linda_burnip@yahoo.co.uk
A further website re the ILF can be found at; http://www.saveilf.co.uk

In-House News

Sadly we had five deaths over the festive period. One client we had been caring for without a break in service for 10 years and two days, another client we had cared for since April 2005.

Two new posts have commenced;

Recently we joined Twitter and to date have 117 followers. On Linkedin, our Connections number 455.

Interesting Information / Statistics

Question of the Week
"I have inherited a house from a relative and in the course of clearing her home out, I have come across several pairs of glasses. It seems a shame to throw them out, do you know of any organisation that can recycle them?"

Answer : Vision Aid Overseas runs a scheme that involves almost every optical practice in the UK and Ireland. Quite simply, you take the glasses to a collecting practice and they will arrange for them to be sent to Vision Aid Overseas for the benefit of other people in the world who need glasses but normally cannot get them.

Please do not take glasses cases.

To find out which optician does collect them in your area (there are a few who do not participate in the Scheme) ring 01293 535016

To date this winter, almost 3000 Cold Weather Payments of £25.00 have been made. During the winter of 2010/11 a record 17 million Cold Weather Payments were paid out.

In a recent BUPA Care Home Survey, the most popular games played by their residents were dominoes, traditional card games and snakes and ladders.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Director
Able Community Care Ltd.

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