November 24, 2011 -- Able Newsflash No.298

Care News

The number of care homes which went into administration in the year up to September 2011 was 73. In the previous year the number was 35. (Source Wilkins Kennedy Accountants)

The UKHCA (United Kingdom Home Care Association) has written formally to in excess of 750 officers and elected members of every council in England and Wales with reference to councils cutting contract prices for home care and reducing the current home care services provided.

The announcement by the CQC with reference to looking into 250 home care providers from next April by unannounced visits to care provider’s offices, planned visits to client’s homes and asking questions of people who are receiving care is to be welcomed.

However, there is nothing new about this!

When the Commission for Social Care Inspection, (CSCI) which was replaced by the CQC, was in place, these proposed checks were in place and were a normal part of the home care provider inspection process.

In-House News

Prospective clients have been visited in Hertfordshire, Jersey, Norfolk and Scotland.

MH Training has taken place in Suffolk.

A Care Conference held in Norwich was attended by two Care Managers, Sam and Colin.

2 Norfolk monitoring visits have taken place this week and a client review and risk assessment has taken place in Hertfordshire.

Flowers have been sent to mark one live-in care workers 20 years with Able Community Care.

The care seminar in Jersey given by Able Community Care was well attended, thought provoking and appreciated.

Interesting Information / Statistics

For this week only the Salvation Army is asking people to ‘donate a coat’.You have until tomorrow evening to take any clean, unwanted coats to either your local Salvation Army centre or to drop a coat into any of the 340 Asda stores. The coats will be given to older people, people in need and people who are homeless.

If you are thinking of purchasing your charity Christmas cards this weekend, you may like to know which shops sell cards whereby the charities concerned get the highest share of the cost of the cards. Published this week were the following details:

WH Smith donates between 20% and 100% of the price of the card.Asda donates 50% of the cost of any card.Waterstones donates between 20% and 50%.Lower in the league donating only 10% are M&S, Tesco, Ryman, Sainsbury’s and Selfridges,

Question of the Week
"I have just retired and I am thinking of becoming a volunteer driver as we live in a rural area and I think many older people could benefit from having my car available. How do I go about setting myself up properly?"

Answer : The first thing to do is to check with your insurance company that you have the appropriate insurance in place, do not assume that if you are fully comprehensive, this will be fine. If you contact Volunteering England they have a form that you can send to your insurance company to make sure you are properly covered.

Another reason for visiting their website is that there is a great deal of help, guidance and information that is relevant to any person considering becoming a volunteer across a wide range of opportunities and areas of the country. There is also a regular Newsletter which you can receive to keep you up to date, etc.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Director
Able Community Care Ltd.

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