September 22, 2011 -- Able Newsflash No.289

Care News

Annuity rates have fallen by 20pc over the past three years to their lowest level ever, wiping �1,600 a year off the income from a �100,000 pension pot.

The fall means that people retiring now on occupational or private pensions can expect to receive a far lower income than their counterparts who retired just three years ago. People with final salary pensions are not affected.

Someone who has built up a pension pot worth �100,000 can now exchange it for an income of �6,201 a year, compared with �7,855 in August 2008, according to Hargreaves Lansdown, the stockbroker. This is a fall of �1,654 or 21pc.
(Source: The Telegraph)

Nurses and midwives are being urged to get their flu jabs after figures reveal less than a third did last year. All front-line healthcare workers are meant to be vaccinated to stop them going off sick with influenza and spreading the virus to patients.Last year only 30% of hospital nursing staff in England got immunised compared with 43% of GP practice nurses, 38% of GPs and 37% of other doctors.

British Heart Foundation and Commercial Collectors � A Plea

BHF shops are facing a stock crisis due to commercial collectors � companies that collect stock on behalf of charities for financial gain. Sometimes called letterbox collecting.

New research by BHF shops shows that as little as a third (30%) of items donated to charity via letterbox charity bags stand a chance of ending up in charity shops. The largest percentage of the donations are sold overseas for profit.

BHF shops have seen a 36% drop in household collections meaning a loss of �4.6 million over the last two years.

If you have items which you would like to donate to a charitable cause, take it to your local shop. The BHF�s latest objective is to collect 600,000 bags of stock for their shops which could raise �12m to help those with heart disease.

In-House News

One prospective client was visited in Suffolk.

Chris Cook gave a presentation to 53 members of a Residents' Association at New Milton, in Hampshire.

Mandy Gulatar came to the office for training and did a review visit in Wales.

A new post has commenced in Norfolk for a lady who has had a stroke. Care Manager is Jackie and the wages are �571 per week incl.

Sadly we lost one of our clients this week for whom we had been providing care for three years.

Care Quality Commission's Review of Compliance
Following their most recent unannounced inspection of Able Community Care on 9/9/11, we can now share the CQC's draft report with you.

Please visit our website's home page at where you will be able to view and/or download the report at the bottom of the section on CQC regulation.

Alternatively, here's a direct link to the PDF document on our website:

Interesting Information / Statistics

Our health benefits from eating less salt. However, in many products the salt content is �hidden away� and not everyone refers to the information about the salt content on the side of the packet.

A voluntary code to reduce salt in food appears to have worked with supermarket bread, where the salt content is estimated to have fallen by a third over the last decade.

The voluntary target is that no more than 1.1g of salt is in 100g of bread. 100g of bread is the approx. equivalent of two thick slices.

Christmas cards are appearing in the shops and many charities rely on the sale of cards to increase their income. It is estimated that �50m is raised each year for causes through this method of fund raising.

Question of the Week
"My elderly Mother is overweight but will not accept the fact that being overweight is reducing her mobility. When I buy her weekly shop I do try to get things for a healthy diet but then she asks various neighbours if they will bring her other items in! I have asked her to come with me to see her GP but she says there is nothing wrong with her and does not need to go. Any suggestions?

Answer : I would make an appointment for you to visit her surgery and speak to either her GP, the surgery Dietician or a Health Visitor. Explain the problem and it should be possible for a home visit to be arranged on an informal level with reference to diet and a healthier lifestyle in older age. Some surgeries have arrangements with other local organisations who visit an older person informally over a period of time for what appears to be general chats but where the main objective is to encourage the older person to reduce their weight and make some changes to their eating habits.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.

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