July 28, 2011 -- Able Newsflash No.281

Care News

Lord Low of Dalston CBE will chair an independent review into how the personal mobility needs of people living in state-funded residential care are met.

Leading disability charities Leonard Cheshire Disability and Mencap asked Lord Low to conduct the 12-week review, which aims to gather evidence from individuals living in state-funded residential care and their families, care providers and local authorities.

Its brief will include how disabled people�s needs are met, how they are funded and what responsibilities care home providers and local authorities have in relation to the mobility needs of residents.

The findings from the review will be published in the autumn enabling peers to consider the evidence and the review�s recommendations as they debate the Welfare Reform Bill.

The Government has launched a strategy for improving asthma services and outcomes for people across England. One of the points mentioned is that there is a need for all health care practices to have an asthma risk register.

Every seven minutes a person with asthma is admitted to hospital and the annual cost to the NHS is more than �1billion per annum. Programs for people who suffer from asthma of self help and assistance on how to manage their condition are recommended.

The government has said that it is "minded to accept" closure of the UK's remaining Remploy factories for disabled employees, according to a consultation on segregated workplaces.

Maria Miller, minister for disabled people, said that a review of employment among those with disabilities had suggested funds could be "better used" elsewhere.

Led by Liz Sayce, chief executive of disability charity Radar, the review concluded that state support of segregated workplaces should be phased out in favour of helping disabled people gain sustainable employment in the mainstream job market.Ms Miller commented: "I welcome the central theme of the Sayce review, that resources for supporting disabled people into employment should be focused on disabled people themselves rather than on specific institutions."

The factories are currently losing a total of �63 million annually and each worker is subsidised by an average of �25,000.

Despite these costs, trade unions representing the 2,000 workers at 54 remaining Remploy sites are strongly opposed to closures.
(Source: Employers Forum on Disability)

In-House News

Prospective clients were visited this week in Norfolk, Kent and The Channel Islands.

Client care reviews were held in Jersey, Wiltshire, Tyne and Wear and Norfolk.

Three �spot checks� took place and one potential care worker attended an interview.

New posts have commenced in: Kent for an older lady post stroke. Care Manager is Sam, weekly wage is �582.00 inc.

Norfolk for an older lady requiring support. Care Manager is Jackie, weekly wage is �571.00 inc.

Interesting Information / Statistics

NHS Direct provides expert health advice and information 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Health information professionals such as nurses, health advisors and dental advisors can deal with a wide range of health queries.

A single telephone number, 0845 606 4647 for people in England and Wales, gives access to round the clock medical information, confidential advice and reassurance.

Scotland Contact is 0845 424 2424

The National Key Scheme Guide has details of the 9,000 accessible toilets across the UK fitted with the National Key Scheme lock.

Question of the Week
"I have a disabled grandson who has an interest in motor sports most of which is around watching events on television. Are there any organisations whereby he could possibly have a more active role?"

Answer : The following two organisations may be of help;

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