June 23, 2011 -- Able Newsflash No.276

Care News

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) should be scrapped, according to delegates at a special local medical council (LMC) meeting of British Medical Association (BMA) members.

Referring to recent revelations of alleged abuse at the Winterbourne care home, the members said that the CQC was "a thoroughly ineffective organisation and it should be abolished without delay". Dr Ivan Camphor of Mid Mersey LMC said there was "a national crisis of confidence in this organisation's ability to deliver on its functions".

The Association of Care Managers has also called for a complete re-organisation of the CQC.

In the last five years approx. 5,500 children have been treated or diagnosed in hospitals as being obese. Hundreds of children under three are being treated at hospitals across the country. Children as young as six have been recorded as suffering with a stroke.

The figures were released by 66 of Britain's 168 acute hospital trusts under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Government has announced reforms of the Blue Badge Scheme. One of which is that assessments of Blue Badge eligibility will leave GP�s and go to independent mobility assessors.
(Source: NHS)

The RNIB has a Technology Support Squad for people with a sight problem who need help with technology in their home. The RNIB has a network of hundreds of volunteers across the UK that can assist a person install software on their computer, with a Daisy Player, help to use their mobile phone, set up a DVD player and similar tasks that a person with a sight problem requires help with.

In-House News

Prospective clients have been visited in Lincolnshire and Norfolk.A carer interview has taken place in Norfolk.

New client posts have commenced in:

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Interesting Information / Statistics

The Brain Injury Association Conference and Exhibition for 2011 is being held on 12th September in Leicestershire. For details ring 0115 924 0800

Four out of five hospitals in England now have a bereavement service.

Question of the Week
"What is the difference between a Personal Budget and an Individual Budget? Also, what can a Personal Budget be spent on and what is prohibited?"

Answer : A Personal Budget only refers to funding allocated by Social Care. An Individual Budget may contain elements of a Personal Budget but may also include other sources of funding such as:

The funding in a Personal Budget is allocated in relation to the goals and support specified in a Support Plan. This could mean that domestic work, personal care and social elements can be part of a Support Plan and the Budget used to employ help from an agency or to employ someone privately.

Exceptions would include paying for anything that is deemed illegal, for anything that can be provided by the NHS, you cannot pay people who you live with to provide the care and it cannot be used for gambling. Overall a person�s quality of life should be enhanced by having a Personal Budget as documented in the Support Plan.

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