May 12, 2011 -- Able Newsflash No.270

Care News

Crisis Loans
The DWP has advised of the following;The Government is reducing winter fuel levels back to the levels of 2008.

The household rate will drop for winter 2011 from �250 to �200 for those under the age of 80 and from �400 to �300 for people age 80 and over. Currently winter fuel payments are paid to claimants over the pension credit age which is currently 60 years and 6 months. By 2020 the age for claiming will be 66 years.

Community Care magazine requested and published the following after getting the information under The Freedom of Information Act:

"There has been a 70% drop in inspections by the Care Quality Commission in the past year. Inspection levels were particularly LOW IN October to December 2010 and in January to March this year levels were still 55% lower compared with the same time last year."

In-House News

Comments from our Customer Satisfaction Forms are on our website but the following are just a flavour:

"Approachable, organised, responsive, friendly, flexible, helpful, well managed, professional, personal service, quality service, excellent care, empathy and continuity of service."

To read a longer list of our client comments in 2011, go to http://www. and click on the Client Survey Replies button.

Prospective client visits have taken place this week in Norfolk.

Interesting Information / Statistics

A survey of around 10,000 patients of all ages found that a third of those admitted to hospital were malnourished.
(BAPEN � British Association for Parental and Enteral Nutrition 2011)

6 out of 10 residential care homes rely on public funding and the financial cuts are leading to reduced places and services.

Question of the Week
"My Mother has lived in her council house for over 60 years and now my Dad has died, there is no one to do the garden, which is quite large. Both myself and my brother live too far away to help other than for a short time when we visit, do you know if there is any kind of help available?"

Answer : Councils can offer help to older people who fulfil the following criteria:

You would need to contact your Mother�s Council to see if this service is available in her area.

If it is, it may be free or there may be a charge. If they are unable to help they may be able to provide you with further local information re. local volunteer organisations who may be able to help. If this kind of help is not available, then you may have to pay for a private gardener to assist and if the Council has a Trusted Trader directory ask for a copy so you can contact them directly for further information and cost.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.