April 07, 2011 -- Able Newsflash No.265

Care News

Olympics 2012
For people with a disability the following facilities are offered to make attendance at the events at the games accessible to all.

Disabled people can access:

Other services provided include:Applications for tickets close on 26th April.

Letters are being sent this week to those people who currently receive Incapcity Benefit. These people may be re-assessed as to their ability to work and there are reports in the media that people in receipt of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) may also face cuts.

Facts from the Dept. of Works and Pensions give these statistics relating to the DLA:

  1. There are currently 3,176,2002 individuals in receipt of DLA, of which 2,000,500 are in the 16-64 year old age group. Forecast expenditure for the 2010/11 financial year is �12 billion in real terms (2010/11 prices).

  2. The DWP advise that as of August 2010, 2,258,300 or 71 per cent were entitled to indefinite DLA payments compared to the 917,900, or 29 per cent, who received a fixed period award.

  3. They show that 1,466,000 people have received DLA for more than ten years, out of 3,157,310 total recipients.

In-House News

A potential client visit has taken place in Somerset and a client review in West Sussex.

Care Managers Jackie and Sam have attended a two day course on Palliative Care.

We apologise for anyone who has had continuing problems reaching the office by email/internet this week. It is because of a major fault which BT have been unable to fix to date. (Tuesday 5th).

Interesting Information / Statistics

Fish Insurance has just launched a travel insurance policy targeted at customers with pre-existing conditions. The specific adaptations for disabled people are:

The whole process can be completed on line for the majority of applicants with pre-existing conditions.

They have call centre staff who are specifically trained who can help complete an application form if required.

The policy covers the replacement of the carer in case of accident or illness.

Disability equipment is covered and rates are competitive.

For further details visit http://www.fishinsurance.co.uk/travel-insurance-details.php

Question of the Week
"My school project for next term is based on health and the differing types of illnesses/conditions that people have. It also has to include the many types of care services that may be available to help care for them at home. Have you any suggestions where I could find relevant information please?"

Answer : Any person who would like information about health and diseases can go to the web site http://www.patient.co.uk. This site has 600 leaflets which you can download on a huge range of health topics. In addition it has details of about 2000 patient support and self help groups.

To find out about the range of independent care services that people can use if they wish to be cared for in their home, visit the Care Quality Commission web site and if your project has a local aspect you could obtain brochures from care organisations in your area as the site gives local contact details.

About MND and the MND Association
Few conditions are as devastating as motor neurone disease (MND). It is rapidly progressive in the majority of cases, it is always fatal and it kills five people every day in the UK. MND attacks the nerves that control movement; people with MND can still think and feel, but their muscles refuse to work. As these nerves die the muscles weaken and waste, leaving people locked in a failing body, unable to move, walk or talk.

There are around 5,000 people living with MND in the UK. Life expectancy from diagnosis is two to five years and around half will die within 14 months. There is no cure and no effective treatment.

The Association was formed in 1979 by a group of volunteers who wanted to co-ordinate support, guidance and advice for people affected by the illness.

For contact go to:
Motor Neurone Disease Association
PO Box 246
Tel: 01604 250505
Fax: 01604 624726/638289
Email: enquiries@mndassociation.org
Website: http://www.mndassociation.org

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.