March 24, 2011 -- Able Newsflash No.263

Care News

The cost of a CRB will increase from April this year. This is the first increase since 2006.

An Enhanced CRB will cost �44.00
A Standard CRB check will be �26.00
The ISA Adult First check will be �6.00

(Administration charges are usually in addition to the basic cost).

Measures to make it harder for overseas visitors to use NHS services could be due to come into force following the publication of two consultation documents.

In order to ensure "fairness and affordability" and reduce so-called "health tourism", the Home Office wants to prevent anybody owing the NHS �1,000 or more from staying in the UK until the debt is paid.

Additionally, a further review of the rules and practice surrounding the issue will be undertaken, considering whether visitors should be charged for GP services and whether to introduce a requirement for health insurance that would be linked to visas.
(Source: mediplacments)

Readers of the Newsflash range throughout the world, we know this as questions and comments come back from some unusual places.

This week as part of a research project that we are doing at Able Community Care we are looking to find any papers/reports that have centred around the topic of care provision as provided by the independent care sector, (both in home care and residential care) contrasted with similar services provided by charitable organisations.

Any information would be of help but particularly in relation to costs, staff ratios, viability, added value, etc. The information can be from any area/country and if you can help, please email to and thank you.

In-House News

Prospective clients have been visited this week in Norfolk and Dumfries and Galloway.

Potential carer interviews have taken place in Sheffield and Devon.

Client reviews have been completed for clients in Bedfordshire, and Hertfordshire.

Interesting Information / Statistics

Question of the Week
"I am thinking about leaving my job to provide some care for my husband. I am in my middle fifties and would like to know about how much pension I will receive if I make no further contributions. Who do I contact?"

Answer : To get a State pension forecast you can go on to the Directgov website at and use their online State Pension profiler which will quickly give you an estimate of your future basic pension.

It will also give you additional information such as how many qualifying years you have to date, the earliest date you will get your pension, how you may fill any gaps in any NI contributions record and any changes that may be in the process of being proposed.

You have not said how much care your husband needs but it may also be wise to call your local Carers UK office in relation to the amount of hours you will be providing to your husband and whether there are beneficial financial implications as a result.

Each year in Wales, more than 66,000 older and disabled people receive non-residential social services � such as home care, day care and meals. Approximately 14,000 of these people are charged for them.

Currently, each of Wales� 22 local councils have the discretion to charge for social services provided in the home or in the community.
(Source: Wales online)

General overview and trends in reported road casualtiesThe main trends in the number of reported road accident casualties in Great Britain in 2009 compared with recent years.

In 2009:

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