February 24, 2011 -- Able Newsflash No.259

Care News

The Health Ombudsman has published a Report concerning the abuse of older people in the NHS.

For older people and their families it is important they have information about the rights older people have when they are admitted to hospital. For example on how to complain and to have no fear about complaining about the care provided.

Counsel and Care have published a guide �Hospital Care in England: What you need to know before, during and after your stay� details of which can be obtained by telephoning 020 7241 8555

The government has announced plans to crack down on disabled parking, with the maximum fee for a Blue Badge set to rise from �2 to �10.

Another change will see the handwritten badge replaced by an electronic one, which is harder to forge, and the introduction of an online application facility to speed up renewals.

Currently the annual level of fraud within the Blue Badge Scheme is in the region of �46m and many disabled people are unable to find room in designated spaces.

From the magazine, Which? The following information is published concerning the cost of home care. For people who have over the amount of �23,250 the full cost is payable in the Counties mentioned: Surrey �21.66 per hour, Cheshire East �19.80 per hour and Poole �19.70 per hour. At the other end of the scale Barnsley charges �5.00 per hour and Pembrokeshire �5.75 per hour.

In-House News

Social Care � have we got it right? This article has been published in Norfolk Law, Winter Edition. Copies of the article are available by emailing to Ablemg@aol.com

Prospective clients have been visited in Cheshire, Berkshire, Wales, Norfolk, Northamptonshire and Hertfordshire.

New posts have commenced in:

Client review visits have taken place in Hertfordshire.

Interesting Information / Statistics

Approx. 40% of residential care places and 48% of those in nursing homes are self funded.

Further transparency in the lives of our Councils: Letters have been sent to Council leaders telling them that the Government expects them to publish grants, payments and copies of tenders and contracts that are made with the voluntary, social enterprises and community sectors in their area.

Question of the Week
"I used to be a keen gardener but now as a pensioner I am less active and cannot manage to look after the quite large garden I have. I have heard that there are various schemes about whereby someone will help with the garden and we will share the crops between us. Where can I look for such schemes?"

Answer : I do not know of any national organisation but I do know that there are schemes in many counties where the arrangement as you describe is happening, e.g. Kent, Cambridgeshire. The idea is to match people with gardens they can't manage, with those who would like to grow food but don't have access to outdoor space. Many such schemes can be found on the internet under Transition Gardening Schemes. It may also be worth while giving your local Age UK and Community Service Volunteers offices a ring to see if they know of any similar activity on a local basis.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.