February 10, 2011 -- Able Newsflash No.257

Care News

The weekly charge for staying in a council-run care home will still rise by 44% to �650, but the increase will be phased in over two years.

The council said the increased charges will only apply following a full financial assessment of an individual's income and savings - and about 20% of residents will pay the increased fee.

All Local Government expenditure over �500.00 now has to be published. We have therefore received several emails advising us that monthly reports detailing all transactions will be published on for example, Central Bedfordshire Council website. Some of the information that will be published may be redacted for reasons of confidentiality or personal data protection however.

The MS Society has been selected to lead on a review of benefits assessments for ESA(*) and give advice on what changes should be made in order for people with fluctuating conditions to be more fairly assessed.

Chief Executive of the Society, Simon Gillespie, will chair a small group of experts from four disability organisations to develop recommendations to make the system fairer.

(*) Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) is the new benefit that is replacing Incapacity Benefit and disability-related Income Support.

In-House News

A prospective client has been visited in Suffolk.

Our Registered Manager and a Care Manager attended a course; peg feeding.

A client care review was held in South Wales.

A new post has commenced in Suffolk for an elderly lady. Care manager is Jackie, weekly wage is �571.00 inc.

A new post has commenced in Lancashire for an adult requiring post stroke care. Care Manager is Alan and the weekly wage is �608.00 inc.

The number of people who read this Newsflash increases most weeks. In addition we get comments or questions about the contents and readers offer suggestions or ask questions. The feedback comes from around the world at times and this was illustrated this week by an email from a Reminiscence Facilitator in Niagara Falls, Canada. Thank you to everyone who does contact us, it is appreciated.

Interesting Information / Statistics

Missed outpatient appointments cost hospitals �600m per year. Men in their early 20�s are the worst offenders.
(Source: DrFosterHealth)

The Care Commission
For the year to 31st March 2010 14,578 services were registered, 60 more than in the previous year. 42% of these services were child minders.

Question of the Week
"A few years ago I had an Aunt who was receiving care from a care agency. I had a complaint about the care service which I could not resolve with them. My next step was to go to the CSCI organisation who helped me to get a satisfactory conclusion to the complaint. I now have an uncle who is not receiving good practice from a local care company and again I have not been able to resolve the problem. Thinking I would get the same service from CSCI�s successor, I looked up the Care Quality Commission only to find that they do not provide the same complaints service as CSCI did. Is this right?"

Answer : Yes is the answer. The Care Quality Commission advise on their website that they �cannot investigate an individual complaint but would like to hear about your experience�.

Their advice is, if you have a complaint that after investigation by the care provider you are not happy with, it is for you to contact your Local Government Ombudsman.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.