December 16, 2010 -- Able Newsflash No.250

Care News

A new Guide has been launched giving information about Telecare and Telehealthcare. The Guide, from Counsel and Care shows how Telehealth and Telecarethat can support older people, their families and carers to understand more about these services, how to get them, and information to help decide if it is the right solution for their needs.

The use of Telecare is on the rise and the current number of older people supported by it is around 167,000 people.To obtain the Guide or to seek advice on issues affecting older people call�0845 300 7585 or email to:

Counsel and Care�s Advice Service is open from 10am-4pm Monday

Continuing cuts within Social Care � The British Association of Social Workers are advising that cuts within the service such as reductions in car allowances, reductions in pay for unsocial hours and weekend work, sick leave cut, some social workers facing pay cuts and an expected pay freeze for one or two years is having a major effect on morale.

Able Community Care has experience of cuts to its state funded clients, recent examples are of a adult client being moved to a residential home after being cared very successfully by us for approx. 10 years and another local authority asking us to reduce our costs on a client we have cared for since 1995. They advise that they can find a cheaper company to provide the care.

If you or someone you know is disabled, join the debate on how the Disability Living Allowance is to be reformed. The aim is to make the process simpler, ensure that everyone who gets it is entitled to it, and help people who are on it get back to work.At the moment, nearly three million people get Disability Living Allowance, costing an estimated �12 billion � far higher than was ever expected.

As part of a wider overhaul of the welfare state, Disability Living Allowance will be reformed to make it a clearer, more targeted benefit, with an objective assessment. The reforms will also aim to help disabled people take part more fully in society.To mark this change, Disability Living Allowance will now be known as Personal Independence Payment.

The government also wants to base the Disability Living Allowance on a person�s needs and the problems they face, rather than on the nature of the disability itself.

Other proposals for reform include:

To read the consultation document in full, and to have your say, follow the link below.

The consultation closes on 14 February 2011.

In-House News

Our Carers managed to get through to all our clients over the snowy periods but special thanks must go to carers who had to travel to posts in Scotland, despite train breakdowns and other very trying means of travel.

Prospective clients have been visited in Lancashire and Nottinghamshire.

A monitoring visit has been carried out in Lancashire and a client review has taken place in Hertfordshire.

3 new carers have joined our Register this week.

Interesting Information / Statistics

During the first week of December approx. four million old and vulnerable people received the first cold weather payments of the year.

Low temperatures triggered the payments to pensioners and other welfare recipients, who get �25 for each seven day period of extremely cold weather between 1st November and 31st March.

Question of the Week
"I have an old friend who has always loved jewellery but now do to painful hands she is unable to wear necklaces and bracelets as she cannot fasten them. Do you know of where I can get jewellery with large clasps or have you any other ideas?"

Answer : I do not know of any jewellery with large clasps but there are a couple of other options you may wish to consider.

It is possible to buy clasps that are magnetic. You simply attach one to one side of the bracelet or necklace, one to the other side, then join them together. All simple, working on the magnetic properties of the existing clasp and the new one.

You can buy jewellery that comes with magnetic clasps from a website such as Amazon if you want to buy a new jewellery item or they give details on their site where to buy the magnetic clasps.

General Public Information

Sent through by Reading Social Services to Able Community Care and other domiciliary care providers.
Originally sent from:
Vulnerable Adult Protection Officer,
Thames Valley Police,
Protecting Vulnerable People Investigation Unit,
Castle Street,
Reading, Berks RG1 7TH.

URN 658 of the 07/12/10 At about 09.00am on this date an Asian female, in her 40�s, small build, has went to an address in Whitley, Reading and requested to look for a lost kitten. The 90yr old occupant let her in and closed the front door, a rear door was open. After a while the lady left. It was later discovered that a computer, purse and a considerable amount of money had been stolen.�On the subject of open doors: URN 1009 of the 07/12/10 At about 5.30pm on this date Police received a call from the neighbour of the aggrieved in this case. The aggrieved, an 81 yr old male had left his home in Tilehurst to visit the neighbour. He left his back door unlocked. On his return from the neighbour�s he went into his house via the back door. He then confronted a single male in a bobble hat in his kitchen. A scuffle ensued in which the 81 yr old received injuries to his hand and face, and the burglar fled the scene with the aggrieved�s wallet.

Please try and impress on your service users that if they have a chain on the door; use it. Do not allow anyone into their house unless they are sure who they are. If necessary get a neighbour to help establish the reasons this particular caller wants access. If they go out, for however short a period; then lock all outside doors and windows, don�t make it easy for the burglar. Plus, if they should confront someone in their house, step aside and let them go, no piece of property is worth serious and possibly fatal injuries. More can be achieved in such circumstances if a good look is taken of the offender to assist in descriptions when asked later.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.