November 18, 2010 -- Able Newsflash No.246

Care News

Whilst domiciliary care agencies for example are registered and regulated, people who purchase home care themselves can be vulnerable in their own home. Private home care staff are not routinely insured, subject to CRB checks, usually asked to provide proof of their skills, had little training, may not have had references taken up on them, etc. which can lead to abuse and harm.

The Equality Human Rights Commission is seeking information from older people, their relatives, and any public bodies or care agencies if they have experience or not of problems around these issues.

For information as to how to give your experiences, opinions and views go to:

Hospitals in Nottingham have a backlog of more than 400 patients awaiting orthopaedic surgery. To reduce the backlog, surgeons at the City Hospital and The Queens Medical Centre will carry out more operations per day. Both hospitals will carry out operations on Saturdays.
(Source: This is Nottingham)

Doctors in East Kent have been told by hospital bosses not to make referrals for scores of ailments this winter in a bid to cut costs and keep beds free. The reasons are given as easing pressure on beds and on cutting the overspend by �19m. The 64 procedures which are off limits over the winter include hip and knee replacements and some cases of cataract surgery.
(Source: This is Kent)

Warwickshire County Council social care could be left �30m worse off due to government funding cuts, it claimed. The council said it expected to lose about �30m from its �132m adult social care budget within the next four years.

In-House News

Prospective clients have been visited this week in Cornwall, Berkshire and Middlesex.

MH training has taken place in Norfolk, client�s home and in the office. Potential carer interviews have taken place in Cornwall and Edinburgh.

Judy Tye attended a course on �Presenting for Impact�.

Clients care reviews have taken place in Hampshire and monitoring visits were carried out in Hertfordshire.

New client care has commenced care in Hampshire for a lady with Emphysema. Care Manager is Sarah, weekly wage is �587.00 inc.

In South Wales for a lady with MND. Care Manager is Sarah. Weekly wage is �641.00 inc.

The Yurt Restaurant in Thornham on the North Norfolk Coast did a full restaurant menu from �Able to Cook�. The cookery books were available for purchase on the night.

Thetford Garden Centre at their annual Christmas Events Evening last Friday let us have a stall free of charge so we could sell copies of �Able to Cook�.

Interesting Information / Statistics

Question of the Week
"Arthritis has affected my hands and my dexterity is poor. I am looking for clothing that may help me, especially when I am out and about and have to visit public toilets. Any ideas?"

Answer : Regardless of whether you prefer trousers or skirts there are products on the market that will make life a bit easier for you.

It is possible to purchase trousers that have �drop fronts� and there are also designs that have �open backs� (with easy rear flaps to do and undo).

Skirts can be bought that have an �open back� which hang just like an ordinary skirt but have several inches that �wrap around� on an easy to do and undo basis.

Prices are in the region of �20 to �30 for each item of clothing and one company that sells them is Adaptawear on 0845 6439492 for a catalogue or visit their website at:

The difference in lifespan between a female living in Kensington and Chelsea and in Glasgow is 11.5 years. For men the figure is 13.3 years.
(Source: Datablog)

Go to: if you want to find retirement housing, care homes and home improvement agencies, and all forms of elderly accommodation and care services anywhere in the UK.

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Able Community Care.