November 11, 2010 -- Able Newsflash No.245

Care News

Around 35,000 people will benefit from a �70 million cash boost that will enable the NHS to support people back into their homes after a spell in hospital, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has announced.

�Re-ablement� packages give people who are leaving hospital after illness or injury help and support for six weeks. Through re-ablement, people are helped to settle back into their homes, perhaps by changing their home environment so they can get around better or providing daily visits and support.

It ensures that those in greatest need get help to keep them independent and well for as long as possible. Re-ablement can offer savings to the health and social care system by ensuring that people get access to care that will prevent them from getting into difficulties and having to go back to hospital. The Government wants the NHS, councils and local voluntary organisations to work together to ensure that local people get a seamless service after discharge from hospital.

The extra funding will be allocated to Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) to be spent this financial year across the health and social care system.�PCTs will work closely with hospitals and local authorities in delivering this. It will enable local areas to help thousands of people and ensure services are in place by the time the NHS picks up new responsibilities in April 2011 for patients� first 30 days at home after hospital discharge.

Somerset County Council has come up for the first time in England with a figure for the number of hours of domiciliary care it will give an individual before they have to move into a home. The answer is 23 hours per week, or just over three hours a day. Beyond that the individual will be asked to pay for any extra homecare.

Anything beyond that and, at a maximum price of �15.50 an hour for domiciliary care, the care home beds in the UK, at an average of roughly �350 a week, becomes the cheaper option
(Source: Healthcare Europa)

Norfolk County Council has wiped �53m off its adult social care budget.

Cardiff is considering reducing its Approved Provider List of domiciliary care agencies from 56 to 11.

In-House News

Prospective clients have been visited in Berkshire and Somerset.

2 new carers have been interviewed and accepted on our Register.

MH training has taken place in the office in Norwich.

Client care reviews have taken place in Bedfordshire, Lincolnshire and Norfolk.

A new post has commenced in Hampshire for an elderly lady with Emphysema. Care Manager is Sarah, wage is �587.00pw inc.

Sadly an older lady client died this week. Care had been provided to her since May 2005.

Interesting Information / Statistics

2008/2009 - All self-employed dentists earned on average �89,600 (before tax), compared to �89,100 in 2007/08.

Practising dentists who held a contract with a Primary Care Trust (PCT in England) or Local Health Board (LHB in Wales) to provide NHS dental services earned on average �131,000 (before tax) - up 3.3 per cent from �126,800 in 2007/08.
(Source: NHS Information Centre)

Question of the Week
"Where can I get some information about Living Wills?"

Answer : There are websites on the internet that have information about Living Wills but you may find it more helpful to get the booklet from The Patients Association called �living wills� which is clear and informative. You can obtain a copy from them at: Patients Association, PO Box 935 Harrow Middlesex HA1 3YJ. Or call their Helpline: 0845 6084455 or visit their website at:

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