October 28, 2010 -- Able Newsflash No.243

Care News

Last week's financial statement announced the additional funding of �2bn into Social Care whilst at the same time the measures reduce the amount of funding for disabled people by limiting to one year the time period that people can claim the contributory part of the ESA. (Employment Support Allowance). In addition the mobility part of the DLA (Disability Living Allowance) for people in residential care was cut. (This will have perhaps a greater effect on younger adults in residential care).

The �2bn into Social care, when looked at with reference to the increasing number of older people, will not actually go too far and with the criteria for home care mainly being limited to those in the 'substantial' or 'critical' needs levels, many people who require care will either have to rely on families, voluntary agencies or pay for their care themselves.

The cost of care will rise. In January VAT rises to 20%. From 2012 onwards domiciliary care agencies and residential care homes, along with all other employers in all sectors will have to make a 3% contribution to a pension scheme for all employed staff.

With Council contracts being cut for many domiciliary care agencies, the prospect of agencies having to make redundancy payments to care staff for whom they no longer have work, is a real possibility. The majority of agencies would never have envisaged having to make redundancy payments and costs may well have to rise to cover this.

We have been advised this week by one local authority with whom we work, that the number of social workers they will lose as a result of the financial cuts is 41.

In-House News

Two prospective clients were visited in Wales this week.

Client care reviews have taken place in Norfolk, Greater Manchester and Nottinghamshire. Potential care staff have been interviewed in Greater Manchester.

A new post has commenced in Warwickshire for a gentleman in his late 60's who require post stroke care. Care Manager is Jackie and the wage is �598.00pw inc.

The Christmas and New Year bookings are well under way, but any care staff who have not returned their Availability Form, please do so within the next few days � thank you.

Interesting Information / Statistics

New research from specialist health insurer National Friendly, reveals that 84% of Brits are not putting any money aside to pay for care when they are elderly, further highlighting the severity of the escalating long term care issue.

3.3 million women aged 25 to 64 in England were tested under the NHS Cervical Screening Programme in 2009-10 compared to the previous year's peak of 3.6 million.

Question of the Week
"I am disabled and was recently sold a product which turns out not to be very suitable for my needs. I believe it was because the supplier did not actually know much about disability in practice and I, wanting a solution to my problem, was looking for a quick purchase. My question is how can I know in the future if the supplier or shop I approach will have the knowledge to truly help me?"

Answer : The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (nmedauk) was established by a small group of companies who had some concerns about what was happening in their industry and hence the association was formed.

They have a membership and on their website at http://www.nmedauk.org.uk you can find if they have a member near you.

The aim of the association is that their members provide a first class standard of service and sell only first class products.

Members are kept up to date with new legislative developments and they have a complaints procedure in place if one of their members does not work to the standards laid down for them.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and "see you next week".

Best Wishes,
Angela Gifford, Proprietor
Able Community Care.